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Jean Grey & Scott Summers

Hello Everyone!

I have another Marvel post for you guys and this time is for a Marvel couple that I’ve recently realized how much I liked and by the title I’m sure you guys already know who I’m talking about, … 410 mais palavras


Family Power

Soap operas wrap emotion around scandal and plotlines and at the very core of these are families. Mention a soap and usually a family name is the center of its gravitational pull. 618 mais palavras

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Before Phoenix

Hello Everyone!

I am so very sorry for not being around as much as I used to. I recently just moved and my internet has yet to be connected so I really can’t update as much as I would like too… but hopefully I’ll get my internet back soon so everything can go back to normal. 146 mais palavras

Welcome to Before Phoenix!

Hello Everyone!

This is my newest blog where I will be talking about movies, books, comics among other things and leave my first blog ( 147 mais palavras


Old Man Logan 8 review

The last three issues of Old Man Logan, while very good, didn’t give Old Man Logan much relief when it came to preventing his apocalyptic future from happening. 389 mais palavras

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Gambit VS Fantomex (Civil War II)

One’s a Cajun and one has a decidedly confusing upbringing but has a French accent. Both are thieves and have mind altering powers. Pretty even fight!

From – Civil War II – X-Men #2


X-Men Abridged: Episode 1

This is the first thing we created! It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears (okay, mostly tears). We hope you find it as funny as we looked recording the voices.