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Who decided that Batman was the cinematic superhero icon of our time? Whose choice was it that Wolverine should be the face of the X-Men or that Iron Man should have three movies before Black Widow has one? 1.408 mais palavras

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Sophie Turner será una Jean Grey ingenua en X-Men: Apocalipsis

Sophie Turner, actriz que saltó a la fama por su papel como Sansa Stark en “Juego de Tronos”, habló sobre “X-Men: Apocalipsis” donde interpretará a la versión joven de la mutante Jean Grey. 112 mais palavras

Which Of These 7 Superpowers Will You Choose? Choose Wisely, Because There's A Catch.

1. Super speed but time is relative to you.

Unlike Flash, when everything around him moves so slow, he’s fast and he doesn’t tire; but you, when everything becomes slow, you seem to move fast but you get exhausted. 352 mais palavras


The Uncanny X-Men 383

Storm and Jean Grey on The Uncanny X-Men 383 (2000). Art by Adam Kubert.


Jean Grey

Line: Marvel 10-Inch Figures

Series: n/a

Scale: 10 inch

Height: 10 inches

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Review: All-New X-Men #37

To say Brian Bendis has had a mixed reaction from X-Men fans would be something of an understatement.  Every now and again, though, he comes out with a book that’s truly superb – and ‘ 336 mais palavras


All New X-Men 37 review

One of the scariest prospects in the X-Men franchise is Jean Grey and Emma Frost becoming friends, yet that happened in All New X-Men 30. In a psychic exercise first meant to anger Jean into attacking her, they started laughing about something undefined (probably Cyclops). 259 mais palavras

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