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'X-Men: Apocalypse': Michael Fassbender saves mutants from mediocrity

X-Men: Apocalypse was finally released in U.S. theaters for Memorial Day weekend after having premiered in places like the United Kingdom on May 9. The wait, overall, is worth it, but that is in large part due to Michael Fassbender’s performance as Magneto. 434 mais palavras


(Kind of) Spoiler-free, Super Vague, X-Men Apocalypse Best and Worst Bits

I recently saw X-Men Apocalypse, and I kinda liked it (glowing review, I know). Obviously I’m a supporter of the MCU (sometimes…) but X-Men has never really been my franchise – I dip in and out, watch the films out of a comic-based duty and still like to think I have an obnoxious level of general knowledge about X-Men considering I don’t consider myself “a fan”. 482 mais palavras


X-Men Apocalypse Review (Spoiler Free)

The latest instalment in the critically acclaimed ‘X-men’ series has at last landed in cinemas and it’s been met with decidedly mixed reviews. There doesn’t truly seem to be critical consensus on the action blockbuster but the general feeling does seem to skew towards the negative. 1.470 mais palavras


The Dark Phoenix Saga and Powerful Women in Comics

To distract myself from criticism of modern comics and the recent debacle with Steve Rogers, I’m going to go back to criticism of older comics! Namely the Dark Phoenix Saga and the question of what to do with Jean Grey. 622 mais palavras