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Con Adventures

As you can tell from the past two posts, I was super busy at Comic Con. There were a lot of things there I wanted to participate in, and as a result I was running around – literally – doing awesome things for three days. 1.581 mais palavras

Ep 138 - Hellfire Book Club Chapter 2 - E is for Excitement!

Join us once more in the hallowed halls of the Hellfire Book Club as we discuss the ins and outs of the X-Men. This time around Kang and Biff are joined once more by Rex Mason and Dutch Essex as well as newcomer Nick Nack Tabasco. 74 mais palavras



A fashion Phoenix/Jean Grey, again from the X-Men, on a bit of a little comic book kick recently!


"...Jean Grey could have lived to become a God..." - The Dark Phoenix Saga

“…Jean Grey could have lived to become a God. But it was more important to her that she die…a human…” – The Watcher

One of the most influential and powerful stories ever told in comics would have to be the Phoenix Saga and specifically, the Dark Phoenix Saga. 1.009 mais palavras

Comic Books

Black and white

Two of the Hellfire Club Queens. Phoenix as the black Queen.
And Emma Frost as the White Queen.

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