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Syria intercepts Israeli warplanes: Army

The Syrian army says its air defense has responded to an Israeli aerial violation of the Arab country’s territory in the vicinity of the Lebanese border, hitting an intruding warplane and forcing the fighter jets to retreat. 349 mais palavras

Syria discovers Israeli arms at Daesh hideout: Video

Syrian military forces have discovered a large cache of Israeli-made weapons in the strategic city of Mayadin in Dayr al-Zawr province, days after retaking the eastern city from Daesh terrorists. 347 mais palavras

Peace Day 2017

Peace day. It is celebrated on the 21st of September and it is a day where people try to strengthen the ideals of peace among nations and people. 420 mais palavras


L'Esercito siriano nella capitale 'de facto' dell'ISIS in Siria scopre armi prodotte in USA e Israele

Le forze siriane, dopo aver liberato la città di Al-Mayadeen, nella provincia orientale di Deir Ezzor, capitale de facto dell’ISIS in Siria, hanno scoperto una grande quantità di armi di produzione statunitense e israeliana. 160 mais palavras

I wonder why the NYT has an issue with Ambassador Haley's remarks at UN Security Council

Why is the NYT defending the actions of Iranian leadership and military?

From Ambassador Haley; 10/18/17

Thank you, Mr. President.

Our goal in discussing the Middle East is to work on peace, security, and human rights for the region. 1.034 mais palavras

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Texas town makes hurricane aid applicants pledge not to boycott Israel

Nearly two months after Hurricane Harvey socked the Texas coastline, residents are still in the early stages of the costly and complicated cleanup process. Now in one Houston suburb, residents hoping to receive aid to help relaunch their lives have to factor Middle East political tensions into their recovery efforts. 500 mais palavras