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Cone of Shame Transforms Dog

JJ had a bit of surgery. He’s fine, but one patch slow to heal and vet requires no licks to the area till scabs over. We hope to survive until it heals enough to lick.


Elegant Alien Reveals Aspects of Beauty, Coffee and Humanity With Marsupial Assistance

Described eloquently. Topics discussed. Coffee brewed, drunk, mixed, shared, stirred. They looked out windows and doors, upon asphalt and automobiles.

Gently holding hands, the alien and the wombat shared a peaceful moment inside one of earth’s finest creations. 305 mais palavras


Sims Spotlights: Baako Jang

It’s no secret that we come across a lot of the same default NPC sims in the game all of the time. Some names we come across more than others such as Don Lothario, Bjern Bergensen, the Calientes, the Goths, or the Jangs. 163 mais palavras



Somewhat funny, in the way that things that mess with your head can be funny,  but I often get accused of appeasement by atheists and Christians alike. 847 mais palavras

THIS is why

Men should wear boardshorts instead of Speedo’s.

Just sayin….



AV Monthly Book Club: Books for people who don't like to read

S and I met some of our closest friends by starting a book club six years ago. I know, this sounds like something too refined or high brow for us. 195 mais palavras

What Is Love? (Baby Don't Hurt Me)

I inquired wherein

Lies the essence of love

As succinctly as I could

Whereupon my darling

Pummeled me

With a block of solid wood.

With a term of endearment… 24 mais palavras