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Video from WHPSC 2014

I usually don’t repost content from other sources but I had to post this video which was edited from footage taken by Team Tetiva last September 2014 at the… 241 mais palavras


Homeland Security Stockpiling Billions of Dollars of Experimental Vaccines

Project “Bioshield” allows the U.S. Government to stockpile billions of dollars worth of experimental vaccines that have never been approved by the FDA to be used on American Citizens when the government declares a state of emergency. 220 mais palavras


And then I exhaled.

Yesterday I received a long awaited phone call. It came in the early, bitter cold morning. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had been waiting for this phone call for 3 long months. 411 mais palavras


How vaccines change the way we think about disease

By Elena Conis, Emory University

The news on the current measles outbreak contains plenty of reminders that measles causes brain damage, pneumonia, hearing loss and death. 1.067 mais palavras


Getting the HPV vaccine will not make your girls more promiscuous

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the world with around 75% of Canadians will be infected with HPV at some point in their life time. 538 mais palavras


REPOST: New HPV vaccine promises to eradicate 90 percent majority of cervical cancer

A nonavalent vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) represents another important step in the elimination of cervical cancer according to a study conducted at the University of Alabama. 252 mais palavras