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Compliance can simply be defined as the action or fact of complying with a wish or command.  At this point in time it is only my wish for the United States to have a higher compliance rate with the HPV vaccine.  539 mais palavras


HPVDT update, July 2015

Dropped by the student shop on Friday to touch base with the HPVDT as they prepare for Battle Mountain. The Aerovelo folks are busy… 126 mais palavras



I received the results from my various tests and they’re not excellent, but better than bad. A cancer-causing HPV was found on my cervix, which provided cause for mild alarm, although the kind clinician I spoke with at Planned Parenthood assured me we’re way ahead of the game here. 416 mais palavras


Robyn Urback: Hey, Ontario — boys deserve protection from HPV, too

For years now, groups including the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Cancer Society and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization have been petitioning the Ontario government to cover the cost of the HPV vaccine for boys. 590 mais palavras

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What I Wish I'd Known Before My Colposcopy

About a month ago, I had a routine pap smear. Everything went fine; there didn’t appear to be anything wrong. Then my results came back. They weren’t merely “abnormal;” they’d found… 951 mais palavras

Satu Perempuan Meninggal akibat Serviks Tiap Jam

SETIAP 2 jam, ada tiga perempuan terdiagnosis kanker leher rahim. Bahkan, setiap jam, satu penderita meninggal akibat keganasan penyakit itu.

Kanker yang memiliki sebutan serviks itu merupakan jenis kanker terbanyak diderita perempuan. 349 mais palavras


Oase Targetkan 30% Perempuan Deteksi Serviks

MELALUI Program Nasional Gerakan Pencegahan dan Deteksi Dini Kanker, Organisasi Aksi Solidaritas Era (Oase) Kabinet Kerja optimistis jumlah perempuan yang melakukan pemeriksaan dini kanker leher rahim (serviks) dapat meningkat dalam lima tahun ke depan. 352 mais palavras