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The Curious Case of King Tutankhamun

Of all the mysteries left unearthed in the great wide world, nothing even comes closer to the mysteries of King Tut and his tomb. Together, let’s dig into the mystery of Tutankhamun and his tomb, and decrypt it. 538 mais palavras


Howard and the Mummy

Perfect Picture Book Friday digs deep today…into the past. Find out how one budding archaeologist followed his passion to uncover King Tut. 

Title: Howard and the Mummy, Howard Carter and the Search for King Tut’s Tomb… 344 mais palavras

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2.16.19: Reality, And Other Rumors

“The Ego is ignorant towards both sigils and symbols, but they both give the Ego a flow of knowledge from themselves.”
Austin Osman Spare

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February 16th in history:

On February 16th, 1959, Fidel Castro officially became the premier of Cuba. Many people mark January 1st of 1959 instead as the date Castro took power, because that was the day former dictator Fulgencia Batista was forced out of office. 69 mais palavras

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Conservation of Tutankhamun’s Tomb Completed

Ολοκληρώθηκε η αποκατάσταση του τάφου του Τουταγχαμών

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Live Science reports that conservators from the Getty Conservation Institute and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities have completed a decade-long project to restore the 3,000-year-old tomb of Tutankhamun and upgrade its infrastructure. 559 mais palavras


January 9 Trivia Rankings

Wow, what a night! A close game, to be sure, and next week there’s Girl Scout Cookies!

This week, we dug up history in 1924, hosted the Golden Globes and slowed down with Tricky Dick. 125 mais palavras

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Howard Carter Finds King Tut's Tomb

On November 26, 1922, British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter and his financial backer Lord Carnarvon become the first people to enter the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in over 3000 years. 4.749 mais palavras

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