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Midsommar Review


Director: Ari Aster

Cast: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren

Score: 6/10


Coming off his debut film Hereditary Ari Aster tackles a relationship that is falling apart. 147 mais palavras

Ari Aster

(1999) Sleepy Hollow

This movie means a lot to me just because I experienced it at the age where everything had the potential to be really scary. Nowadays, I enjoy it for other aspects but it’s still a film I respect and enjoy. 111 mais palavras



So instead of the yearly shark movie, our appearance this year is coming from alligators.

A hurricane leaves a Florida town overrun with the prehistoric beasts and some girl and her dad have to deal with it after purposefully disobeying the evacuation orders. 107 mais palavras


The Haunting of Hill House ft. episodes that scare you to death and leave you extremely emotional as well | A Review

As somebody who isn’t the biggest fan of horror films*, I was quite surprised when I added The Haunting of Hill House to the list of my most favourite shows. 922 mais palavras




From Reginald Tate to the Tate Modern. From an asteroid 400 000 miles over Southern England (?) to Ringstone Round. And of course, from Hobbs Lane to Hobbs End. 63 mais palavras


The Sinking City - Review

The Cthulhu mythos and the rest of H. P. Lovecraft’s works have continued to grow in popularity and mainstream attention over the past years. Just last year we saw the release of… 1.334 mais palavras

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Episode 201 - Midsommar: Terrifying, Tragic, Brilliant!


Welcome all to another amazing episode of the Epic Film Guys podcast!! This week we are joined by an amazing friend of the show, our wonderful friend Gerald of Two Peas on a Podcast, who is joining us this week for a full-length feature review of Ari Aster’s… 683 mais palavras