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I Saw the Devil (2010) - Review

In I Saw the Devil, Kim Jee-woon
articulates a bloodlust that is nauseating and fascinating compared to the
normal torture porn we see today. If I had been eating during my viewing, I… 1.011 mais palavras


A friend made

There once was a child, Emely. She was average in a lot of ways, she wasn’t more or less pretty as any other girl. She had about the same things she thought funny as anyone else, and her school scores was not bad nor good. 2.304 mais palavras


Typewriter – A good scare for children

Ghost is jhoot. {Ghosts don’t exist} – At least this one for me.

Every time an Indian filmmaker announces a new horror film, I sigh. Haunted houses, ghost in the attic, a woman possessed and so on. 422 mais palavras


The Lore

The Lore

Uploaded in 1998, consistently updated since

Magic: Introduction

An internal power driven by need, magic is uniquely found mostly in the poverty stricken. Yes the rich can cultivate it through years of schooling starting when they are very young; but those in need seem to develop a strong connection to the inner force. 2.000 mais palavras


Temple of Vroom

I remember paths when they collide
On ill-lit cold Autumnal nights
A thumb outstuck as I passed by
And he asked if he could hitch a ride… 61 mais palavras


“The First Signs of Trouble” (VSS XVIII)

Let me tell you a little secret,” the cannibal whispered.

His dank breath was hot on my neck.

“My stomach is growling.” 126 mais palavras

Flash Fiction