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Friday Figments: Weekly Writing Prompt


Put up your thinking caps and let this image tell you a story or whisper a poem. Let it be a short story, flash fiction or a free writing essay. 33 mais palavras

Aspiring Authors

Premonition (1972)

With films like Endangered Species (1982), Choose Me (1984) and Trouble in Mind (1985), Alan Rudolph has surely one of the strangest of any director’s filmographies, a catalogue of mediocrity, often inflected with fantasy touches, that nevertheless has earned him critical plaudits in some quarters. 814 mais palavras


Things we lost in the fire - Mariana Enriquez

What a chilling collection of stories this is, infused with powerful women and misogyny and insanity and fear and the weird.

Many of the stories feature women who are driven to despair or anger or drugs or madness because of their crappy husbands or the wider patriarchy they live in – like the women in the story that gives the collection its title, where a trend emerges in which women reclaim horrific attacks by men by setting themselves alight, disfiguring themselves with fire, signifying power and honour and sexism in one act. 367 mais palavras

The Ladies of Horror Flash Project - #Horror #author Suzanne Madron @suzannemadron @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction

The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

by Suzanne Madron

It had been 54,750 days since he had gone off to join the war. Each day without him she had etched upon her flesh with a piece of broken window glass she had salvaged from the ashes of their home and her body was a series of healed-over scars marking the time. 621 mais palavras

(2018) The Perfection

I found this film to be a bit a fucking mess and despite a particularly strong first leg, it never really amounted to anything. It’s far from complete shit, with exceptional production and competent acting, but it also doesn’t stand out to me after finishing it. 16 mais palavras


Falling not flying

As the last light of the sinking

sun crested the furthest tip

of the turbined wing beside my

window and cloud smothered

mountains drowned in… 32 mais palavras