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Dear {Everyone Nursing a Broken Spirit}...

his letter is for you.

It’s written with infinite love and genuine understanding because I want you to know how special you are. I mean really special. 789 mais palavras


Ex-Aid #28 - The True Self

Previously on Ex-Aid:

Ex-Aid 27 – Lone Sniper and Cub

In response to the Ministry of Health recalling Kamen Rider Chronicle and revealing its real stakes, Amagasaki Ren claims that beating the game will revive everyone who has lost their lives while playing it. 2.258 mais palavras

Analysis And Commentary


We place our heroes on pedestals, athletes because they can catch or run or hit a ball better than anyone else, movie stars because they can deliver a line written by someone else better than anyone else, or in the case of some actors like an Eastwood or Stallone because they can grimace or groan better than anyone else. 457 mais palavras

Who Said That

Amazing Heroes In Modern Video Games

Where in the 80s and 90s it was very much all about having a ‘mascot’; a cutesy or otherwise attention-grabbing figurehead you could plaster on the front of any marketing campaign, as the generations advanced and matured, so did that approach. 957 mais palavras


Meeting Your Heroes

Before delving too deeply into this topic, let’s define the word hero, as provided by my favourite reference work, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED):

Hero: noun. 2.075 mais palavras

Mental Health

Dramatis Personae D&D Style

One of the most fascinating things about Dungeons and Dragons, the story-telling adventure game with sword battles controlled by dice rolls, is the characters.  They are a creation by committee.   711 mais palavras


Will and Ariel Durant

One of the local branches of the LA Public Library, the one on Sunset across from Wendy’s, is named after Will and Ariel Durant.

David Brook… 338 mais palavras

The California Condition