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Working farm, working wetland

While driving from Pella up to north-central Iowa, I heard a news report on the car radio: both Democrats and Republicans at the state capitol have identified water quality improvement as a priority for the next legislative session. 895 mais palavras


Augustine of Hippo: Enticing Education

“This experience sufficiently illustrates the truth that free curiosity has greater power to stimulate learning than rigorous coercion. Nevertheless, the free-ranging flux of curiosity is channeled by discipline under you laws, God.” —Augustine, Confessions


The Face That We Must See

Two hundred thousand is a number, twenty percent of a million. It’s an amount that is difficult to imagine, a little less than half the number of people who fit into Kyle Field, the stadium at Texas A&M University. 1.332 mais palavras


Martin Luther King 

On June 18th 1964 Martin Luther King Jr was placed into a police car in St Augustine, Florida. A German Shepherd police dog was put in the car with him in an apparent attempt to intimidate Mr. 20 mais palavras

Civil Rights

Rookie police officer saves child's life on his first day on the job

HOBART, Ind. – An Indiana police officer saved a child’s life on his first day on the job.

Around noon on Friday, Officer Richard Mayer and his fellow officers had just sat down to lunch at a Chik-fil-A in Hobart, Indiana. 191 mais palavras

National/World News

Preschool Story Time: Cowboys (Heroes throughout History)

Date presented:  July 16, 2015

This story time was based on the theme suggestions from the 2015 CSLP Summer Reading Manual.  My goal was to have eight weeks of programming based on the theme:  “Every Hero Has a Story.”  To be honest, not all of those themes turned out to be great ideas.  1.588 mais palavras

Preschool Story Time


This is an old (1995) title that came into my hands from a friend who was donating it to my Little Free Library; however, it is full of “new” ideas and very inspiring. 224 mais palavras