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Sunset is a moment when I feel at peace with myself. Sunsets are spiritual moments. I took this photo while on the Gozo Channel going back to Malta.


If you ever visit Malta we strongly suggest that you visit Malta’s sister island Gozo. The photos shows Cittadella an old city full of mystery and history.

Time to book holiday....!!

Welcome, this is the time of the year when one starts planning to book for the spring or summer holidays. For this reason Gozo Farmhouses is presenting you one of the converted original farmhouse which is called ‘Cora’. 1.405 mais palavras

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Cuando tenía educación física en el colegio, y estábamos practicando gimnasia; quería esconderme, pues no sabía ni dar un bote, y al ser tan perfeccionista con mis notas, el no hacerlo me haría tener una nota deficiente. 724 mais palavras

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Welcome Back. You belong here.

Do you ever wonder when things will turn around for you? Many times we struggle to talk to the right person, make the perfect phone call, get the right gig. 710 mais palavras



The Maltese peasants lived under many masters. There were the Arabs, the poor ostracized Maltese nobles deemed by most mainland European nobles to be little better than peasants themselves, then the knights of the order of St. 868 mais palavras


missmalta republicou isto em Miss Malta.

¡Agradecido en la escasez!

Aunque las higueras no florezcan y no haya uvas en las vides, aunque se pierda la cosecha de oliva y los campos queden vacíos y no den fruto, aunque los rebaños mueran en los campos y los establos estén vacíos, ¡aun así me alegraré en el Señor!
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