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Day of the Persian Female

“My name is the color of lavender. I was born in Persia, the fourth child in my family.”



The reason behind this is because it will not have a similar version to the previous games, it serves as the longest intro- it will be kinda like a movie. 110 mais palavras


6 Best Video Game Boss Battles

I have a perpetual love / hate relationship with the boss battle. I relish the feeling of finally breaking down a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to its finest points and methodically working through it to victory. 827 mais palavras


That Sinking Feeling

I thought I would share a video gaming confession today as I’ve brought this up in a previous post briefly and thought it would be potentially interesting to expand on it: My fear of underwater levels in video games. 663 mais palavras


Year of the Console: March Review. God of War 3 Remastered.

God of War 3 Remastered. Sony Santa Monica Studio (2010, remastered 2015), PS4. A single-player, third-person, action-adventure game set in Ancient Greece.

Welcome back to the TLYW Year of Console Gaming, in which we attempt to play 14 retro and contemporary games in 14 months, on the PS4 and Xbox 360, in order of the historical period in which they are set. 602 mais palavras


God of War III Remastered

Welcome back to the Year of the Console Game. It is 1 March and I am super excited to announce the game that we will be playing throughout this month, as we move from pre-history into Antiquity, on an historical trajectory that will continue for the next year. 334 mais palavras


Christmas Games 2016

I got three new games this Christmas.

  1. The Last Guardian – I am a HUGE fan of ICO. It is an absolutely fantastic game: unique, heartwarming, and able to evoke a childlike sense of wonder in even the most cynical of adults. 
  2. 111 mais palavras
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