The Oldest Meteor

Have I mentioned the Meteor before? I ought to look through the annals of this blog but I don’t honestly think I have. My friend Paul Bird the architect used to talk about form following function when we were students together, and to a certain extent the early jet aircraft were expressions of that philosophy. 1.053 mais palavras


Gloster Meteor NF11 G-LOSM/WM167 Final Flight - Bruntingthorpe 5th January 2019

I certainly wasn’t expecting the first aviation outing of 2019 to feature one of the rarest airworthy jets in the world. While the sight of a flying Gloster Meteor in the traditionally quiet early January was a welcome treat, it was most definitely bittersweet in that it would mark the final touchdown of a UK airshow regular. 967 mais palavras

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A Sawed-Up Gauntlet Set

A traditional, wooden proper ‘jig-sawed’ jigsaw puzzle, featuring a flight of RAF Gloster Gauntlet fighters.

At the RAAF Museum, Cosford, taken by the author in 2008. 21 mais palavras


Step back in time to more gracious days...

Having finished off the Harrier brood (what is the collective noun for Harriers, a ‘viff’ perhaps?), I decided to go back many decades in the history of 800 NAS to the days of the biplane. 301 mais palavras

800 Naval Air Squadron