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Theory of the Image sold out in the first few days. Back orders are now shipping and the second printing is now available!

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Creative process

I started creating art with code when I started learning Java. All my generative artworks are created using either Processing or the p5.js library. The former uses Java as the main programming language and is a software sketchbook primarily for artists and designers. 190 mais palavras

Theory of the Image (Oxford University Press, 2019)

We live in an age of the mobile image. The world today is absolutely saturated with images of all kinds circulating around the world at an incredible rate. 283 mais palavras

Zero One

Raven Kwok’s generative work for Zero One Technology Festival 2018.

Psychedelic Animation

Walking is immersive!

M.A.D.E Walking is Many Adventures Directly Experienced. It undoes the static, singular viewpoint upon a landscape; rather, the walker’s experience emphasises the embodied and temporal aspects of perceiving. 360 mais palavras


M.A.D.E Walking: with intent

M.A.D.E Walking changes a persons experience of their everyday!

Thanks to this method of creating, the drawing is an artwork which emulsifies location and experience together into an inextricable whole. 79 mais palavras


M.A.D.E Walking Generative Art

Everyday I walk everyday a different image, they are unique to me and my experiences of engaging with the world. Generated by my meandering, walking, running, racing or even moments of standing still. 81 mais palavras

M.A.D.E Walking