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Sean Capone: MALE.Dictions

This was on display at Sean’s solo exhibition ‘Black Night/White Light’ at SL Gallery, NYC, March-April 2018. It contains material from his CLOUDS b/w DEATH is a STAR.

Psychedelic Animation

Material Ecology: Neri Oxman's Generative Design

Oxman’s design takes seriously the ecology and movement of matter.

Designer and architect Neri Oxman is leading the search for ways in which digital fabrication technologies can interact with the biological world. 33 mais palavras

The Summary of 'Evolutionary Creativity, the Inner Life and Meaning of Art'

The paper mainly discusses different modes of art development with digital things. In each mode, the author provides some specific artworks to explain his idea. In his opinion, the art based on physical objects at first, and then depends on digital products. 497 mais palavras

More on vector fields - surfaces

Recently I’ve found one more nice method for vector fields visualization. What is a vector field and how to visualize it you can find in my previous posts: 558 mais palavras

In the act of control

Control is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “to order, limit, or rule something, or someone’s actions or behaviour.” In a culture like us, we were accustomed to immerse ourselves in all kinds of control without notice, from self-control to social control; and enjoy these innate animal “pleasure of being the cause”. 601 mais palavras

Breeding Generative Art

Biologist uses the computer to simulate creature population dynamics to reveal the secret of natural, giving basic elements and rules and let creature develop by themselves. 613 mais palavras

Sean Capone: Cities and The Sky #2 (Unkai)

Sean describes this work:

Commissioned for a custom video wall in Chicago, this 4K animated loop is inspired by contemporary, abstract visions of landscape, and is a more refined follow-up to the video ‘Cities & The Sky’ (2014).

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Psychedelic Animation