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Sean Capone: synaesthetics

Excerpts of four videos influenced by abstract painterly ideas of ‘visual music’, the translation of sonic emotions into visual forms and colors. The videos do not have a soundtrack. 23 mais palavras

Psychedelic Animation


While experimenting with randomness in three dimensions with Processing, I began to create these short animations that produce an almost abstract painting final image. They consist of a plane made up of lines which then rotates and moves back in the Z direction. 89 mais palavras


Philip M. Parker

Philip M. Parker interests me because of the program he developed to generate thousands of books from a template which is filled with data from a database and internet searches. 97 mais palavras

CRE101: The future and what it holds for us..

Last but not least, the future of creative technologies. For those who stayed right to the end, I thank you and hope that you have learnt something as I did. 565 mais palavras

CRE101: Session 6 Future of Creative Technologies

So, I have reached my final blog of the CRE101 series. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read each and every one. I hope you learned something new. 607 mais palavras


Brian Eno's "Music For Installations": New Collection Released This Week (A Music Post)

With Music for Installations, British composer and musical innovator Brian Eno has checked in for 2018. Eno is one of the most influential figures in modern popular music, having begun his career around the start of the 1970s with the “glam rock” outfit Roxy Music, deciding within a couple of years that the life of the “rock star” was not his cup of tea, and then beginning the solo career that led to such masterpieces as… 1.176 mais palavras