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The You - experimental performance toward COVID pandemic

The You is a performance experiment conducted by Ian Richter, Jo or Ngô Kỳ Duyên and Đoàn Thanh Toàn. As artist researchers our shared interests are weaved together in a balance between control and accident. 487 mais palavras


Generation of Random Bethlehem Stars


This document/notebook is inspired by the Mathematica Stack Exchange (MSE) question “Plotting the Star of Bethlehem”, [MSE1]. That MSE question requests efficient and fast plotting of a certain mathematical function that (maybe) looks like the… 2.186 mais palavras


Code in digital arts

In the digital age, code can be defined as the tool to facilitate the creation of an artwork. Artists are massively and increasingly making use of computer programs to explore their creative ideas across a wide range of aspects, from video games to animated visuals, and especially in the realm of installations. 744 mais palavras

Fractal Explorer

The “Fractal Explorer” app was made back in 2017 on a 12hrs+ flight. The flight was too long and the movies available to watch were also boring. 83 mais palavras


Generating Towns for Townscaper in Processing

I’ve been playing Oskar Stålberg’s Townscaper recently and enjoying seeing how the algorithms react to changes. While looking for information on how garden paths are calculated, I stumbled across… 759 mais palavras

Fractal Forest

Lost into the darkness of self-similar trees…

Made in Processing.

Generative Art

Mandelbrot's clustering model

Benoit Mandelbrot proposed a fractal model in 1975 for explaining the clustering and distribution of galaxies based on Rayleigh-Lévy random walks. These are samples of points generated following this model. 15 mais palavras

Somewhere Out In Space