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Why Videos like this Don't Help Anyone

“Everyone likes Beyonce”, then he says “Note how they lie. Jazz and Blues enthusiasts won’t like Beyonce.” I listen to more Jazz than anyone I know, and that includes older people. 402 mais palavras


the sun and her flowers.

Since this is a holiday week, I chose to doodle about a book by an author that has been instrumental in my personal growth and healing over the past few years. 108 mais palavras


'Battlestar Galactica': Then and Now

24 March 2009.

Television is a box in which people come together, communicate, and share ideas. It is a box where different worlds are created and different people come to life. 2.357 mais palavras


Jones & Mike | Men experience childbirth, "Labor pains aren't too painful!"

Can men really experience childbirth? It is frequently called one of life’s most excruciating experiences, and currently men can put themselves through  simulation of the pain of giving birth, but can it really be the real deal? 86 mais palavras


Why I'm giving up on trying to teach my friends about feminism

“Yeah I completely agree women should have equal rights and opportunities to men, but I’m not a feminist” – said by multiple friends on various different occasions. 1.053 mais palavras