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Forever Living; Innkjøp 1 og 2 – the exploring begins.

Jeg sa jeg skulle dele de andre innkjøpene, så da gjør jeg like gjerne det.

Noen av de tingene som trigget nysgjerrigheten min var jo Aloe Gel’en (drikkegelly) og Argi+, populært kalt “husmorspeed på boks”. 516 mais palavras

Aloe Vera

Eating Out of Order 

Has it always been this confusing to diet? We have the Body Coach telling us to eat more and exercise less and that carbs are good for us, Slimming World telling us that we can eat carbs at whatever time of night and that a Diet Coke is allowed but an avacado isn’t, endless meal replacement diets guarenteed for a quick result but is it healthy to replace real food with dust? 822 mais palavras

Product demonstration party

Last night I had a product demonstration party. The hostes was one of my lovely colleagues. I got to tell the gusts about our great products and why I love them. 59 mais palavras

The Forever C9 - How to get through it!

So, if you are reading this, you have most likely decided that it’s time for a change! You have decided it is time to invest in your health and have purchased the Forever C9. 1.735 mais palavras

Cleaning day

Just before the weekend we decided it was time to get out the outdoor furniture and get the porch ready for summer. The dining table was anything but ready for a dinner, it had been outside during the entire winter and the weather had set its mark. 91 mais palavras

Aloe Aloe...

Hi ladies,

Happy Friday lovely ladies. Isn’t it great to see a bit of sun? Ireland is such a nice little country when the sun is shining…pity we don’t get more of it! 1.361 mais palavras

Love Beauty

Fabulous Forever Flawless

On Monday 18 April, it started!

BOGOF on the fabulous Sonya Flawless Make Up.

What an awesome promotion. 379 mais palavras