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FOREVER LIVING: An Unbiased Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Forever Living products. It’s hard to scroll down your newsfeed without seeing the reps singing their praises. 1.497 mais palavras


The last day.

I’m almost free.
As my Forever journey is coming to an end and already the outlook is already positive.

Even after a mini meltdown on Saturday evening (Day 6) I still pushed past the stress of figuring out what to have for lunch. 386 mais palavras

Days 3 to 6

After losing 5lbs and 8 inches off my body I was eager to continue the cleanse but most of all looking forward to eating again. 521 mais palavras

Bee products

I’m not a fan of wasps, after a particularly nasty sting and reaction lasting weeks this summer, but bees rock!

As spotted on ‘Dave’ page, this amused me- 156 mais palavras

Aloe Vera

Beach Bag Essentials

Hello everyone! On the first day of our holiday, I had a sudden flash of blog inspiration – I’d share with you my beach bag essentials – so decided this morning I’d finally sit down and write it. 388 mais palavras


Treating post partum hair loss with Forever Living products

Last September I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy and about three months afterwards I noticed that quite a lot of hair was coming out when I washed it. 439 mais palavras


The Story of Aloe Vera

Barbendensis Miller

Referred to as the “Wand of Heaven” by American Indians, and called “The Doctor In A Pot” by Christopher Columbus, aloe vera is certainly not an ordinary garden plant. 422 mais palavras

The Great Company