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Forever Vitolize For Women

As a distributor with Forever Living Products, one of the products I like recommending to my female clients with hormonal imbalances issues, is Forever Vitolize for Women. 362 mais palavras

Dietary Supplement

Pamper party

I’ve just had my first pamper party with my colleagues and I feel fabulous 💚 it was for macmillan cancer support! 💙💛

Its great to be in a position to do some fundraising 😊


Multi Level Marketing and Pyramid selling!

What’s the Difference?

Multi level marketing is a perfectly legal and extremely profitable method of earning a living, developing a business and providing yourself and your family with a great lifestyle and income. 168 mais palavras


Irregular blogging...

So, I haven’t been very active on my wordpress in the last year for a number of reasons…

In the last year…

  1. I got married…
  2. 181 mais palavras
Aloe Vera

An amazing skincare product...

So, my most ordered product this summer was Aloe Propolis Cream.

Here’s why I think it’s great…

  • It’s great as an everyday moisturiser
  • Some of my customers swear by it for skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis, acne…etc)
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Aloe Vera

Shit to Fit

Today marks the start of my journey to becoming less shit in life. The past few months i have eaten like i am planning on hibernating for the next ice age and drank wine as if i am from ancient Rome. 217 mais palavras


The Times They Are a Changing.

In my eyes and the eyes of many others, life is a series of miniature adventures all leading to one cataclysmic event that makes you put everything you’ve been through into one simple word ‘living’ all the waist deep mud you’ve waded through, all the rough seas you sailed, all the easy rides, lazy Sundays and gentle strolls along your path come together in one final exam (so to speak) one true test of what you learned and how you learned from it. 784 mais palavras