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Ferreira Vintage Port, 1997

Soft, ripe berries with cigar smoke. The palate is good, closed though, with tannin taking the lead. Given time, it will be nicer. (March 2007)

Ferreira Late Bottled Vintage Port, 1999

Cherries and super jammy aromas. The palate is strangely dry and light with loads of bitter notes. OK, but not wonderful. (March 2007)

Ferreira Duque de Braganca 20 Year Old Tawny Port

Great nose, nuts, orange peel, bitter chocolate and tobacco. Delicious. (March 2007)

Ferreira Dona Antonia Reserva Port

Closed, a little bit tawny, nuts, honey and sweet jam spoiling the tawny element. Too hot, though the flavours are nice. (March 2007)

Ferreira to Melide 20.6 kilometers

It had been a tough few days and although my blisters were receding, we were feeling the strain. The next two stages were 33.8 and 39kilometers. 620 mais palavras

Camino De Santiago

Lugo to Ferreira 27kilometers

We walked back through the town centre. I was dosed up with ibuprofen and already relying on my sticks. The nights rest had done little to ease the pain in my knees. 493 mais palavras

Camino De Santiago