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The Brief

My brief for this project is to think of and create three possible tasks that I could do that show my skill as a visual designer. 17 mais palavras

Ciclo da vida

Por: Moisés Ferreira

Invento invenções inventadas
Crio criações criadas
Amo amores já amados
Erro erros acertados, mas às vezes…
Acerto acertos errados.
Penso pensativo pensamentos… 17 mais palavras

Desligue A TV

迷人的波爾圖‧Attractive Porto








28 June 2012 – 1 July 2012

We flied to Porto, Portugal from Barcelona on 28th June.

We stayed in Porto for 4 days and 3 nights. 202 mais palavras


Port and Tripe in the City of Porto

It’s a miserable wet day and I can think of nothing better than to visit the city of Porto where I can warm up with a glass or two of the deep red fortified wine that is produced there. 638 mais palavras

European Nomad

UFC 179 - Aldo v Mendes II

Revitalised and rejuvenated; that’s exactly how I feel after a three week break from studying numerous fighter tapes. It is a case of no rest for the wicked as this weekend’s event is a precursor to another double header next weekend. 1.582 mais palavras

MMA Bets

UFC 177 - Dillashaw v Barao II

Last week saw a winning return to this guide as three out of four of my tips won for a tidy little profit. It hasn’t been a great year but little improvements week on week all assist the bank balance. 1.457 mais palavras

MMA Bets