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Do Not Disturb

My day started with the frantic ringing of the doorbell followed by heavy pounding on the front door.  I’d heard something like thunder earlier that had set the dogs into a frenzy, but when I looked outside to see the retina scarring bright sky, with no smell of wildfire smoke in the air, I decided it must have been a sonic boom and I put myself back to bed. 808 mais palavras


Donkey Doula

Who wouldn’t love a miniature donkey? Have you seen them, they get very fluffy in the wintertime, they have mohawks and follow you around because they love companionship. 771 mais palavras

Golden Retriever

All British retrievers trace back to the same source—the Canadian water dogs imported in large numbers in the early 1800s, variously called Newfoundland or St. John’s dogs. 1.303 mais palavras

The Farm

Fewer but Bigger Farms

Nearly ever time I tell someone my family has a farm, I have to answer a set of questions: What kind? Do you milk the cows by hand? 499 mais palavras


A Berry Fun Adventure (Part I)

I have fond childhood memories of picking dewberries along the ditches of the county roads.  We’d come home with scratches and occasionally some poison ivy, but the taste of those sweet berries was always worth it.   93 mais palavras


The Myth Of The Lonely Bull

Today I’d like to talk about a heinous injustice perpetrated against animals across the world. What is utterly disgusting is how so-called officials all urge in unison for this mental and physical violation of animals. 308 mais palavras


Our First Herd Member – Bandit

As said in my first blog, I would write about each of our “herd” members! This one will be about Bandit.

Bandit, Chihuahua. DOB: November, 2016. 369 mais palavras