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Round Barn

One of twenty round barns still standing in Oregon, built in 1949.  Found along Highway 36 near Triangle Lake.  A GoFuindMe is running to restore it.

Black And White

Boston Area Gleaners

Photo: Boston Area Gleaners

In September, I posted pictures at a community garden where a sign said not to pick anything that wasn’t yours. I expressed the hope that when the gardeners were completely finished with their harvest, gleaners for food pantries would be allowed in. 491 mais palavras

The longest harvest

Last year with the depressing drought I wished for the harvest to be plentiful and for the bins to overflow.

This year my wish was granted. 200 mais palavras


Rebuilding a David Bradley hay wagon.

The second video in a series about rebuilding old farm equipment.


Free meat & Free loaders

These two… these two are the free loaders! Cute ones though. Just hanging out in the front yard waiting for evening (as I write this it’s 12:15 PM and they get fed at 4:30.) snacks. 632 mais palavras


1181. Playing chicken

Jane and David had a small lifestyle farm next to a going-nowhere, country road. Chickens would not infrequently get run over while dust-bathing in the unkempt, pot-holed road. 78 mais palavras


Weekly Cartoon: Something's up.

Sometimes being “unfriended” is a good thing.  Sometimes, it’s not…