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Plane (an acrostic poem)

Plainly the aircraft needed work

Little things like the engine missing gave it away

All that being said, Bob was very tempted… 20 mais palavras

Acrostic Poem

More embarrassment for India: US refuses to share information on F-16

Dawn images.

Indian media reports reveal that despite the mounting embarrassments of being debunked by highly acclaimed international analysts, New Delhi is still adamant on providing evidence for its baseless claims of shooting down a Pakistani… 449 mais palavras


If you think you had a bad day at work...

A poor Belgian technician had a hard time explaining how he fired the Vulcan cannon of a F-16 he was working which destroyed the $70m fighter plane in front of it. 47 mais palavras


The Gunslinger Followeth

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” ~Stephen King

In the darkness intervening the 25th and 26th of February, the Indian Air Force executed what is now known as the Balakot Strike, also alluded to as mass extermination of terrorists, damp squib, tree-slaughter and white lie by other players in the wider theatre of brinkmanship that the world politics is. 1.215 mais palavras

Such Is Life

Paksitan’s F16 fighter jets line up border with India

Paksitan has reportedly put its armed forces on high alert. It has also deployed F16 fighter jets as well as troops in the border areas with India. 90 mais palavras

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Training operations with General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon for XP11. Aircraft by JCS Aircraft and flight model by X-Aerodynamics.

X Plane

I'm supposed to tell you this

While I write this post today, it’s obvious for one to think that I’m venting it out because of all the drama happening between India and it’s neighbour. 1.137 mais palavras