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Element Experimentation: Autumn Foliage

There are few things that can compare to the dazzling show of vivid colors that is the autumn foliage.

This is definitely the most detailed 8×8 build I’ve ever made. 158 mais palavras


Element Experimentation: Island

A palm tree on a tropical island.

A repeat of the bright green barb!
16770 – Barb / Claw / Horn – Large with Clip in Bright Green… 99 mais palavras


Thumbnail Sketch Ideas For My Posters

Ideally I would like to aim to make a set of 4 posters that can be arranged together and the design will flow from one page to another, so that even though it would be 4 individual pieces of paper, the whole picture it creates would look like one poster. 232 mais palavras

Unit 9 Project

Finding the way - photography vs painting part 1

I’ve mentioned this several times in past blog posts, but for me personally, a great painting is far superior to a great photograph. When I look at a great painting, I become ‘lost’ in its beauty and can just stare at it for ages. 632 mais palavras