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Lots of Work

I’ve just gotten some good work to do. I wasn’t terribly busy, doing a lot of readings. But I have magic work to do now, so I’ll be plenty engaged now. 164 mais palavras


Magical Herbalism For Beginners I: Starting The Journey

Magical Herbalism can seem like a daunting task when you are a beginner. There is so, so much to learn, and so many fascinating subjects, that it may put off even the most enthusiastic practitioner. 569 mais palavras


Making The Right Questions To The Tarot

Just as important as having a good Tarot Reader working for you, it is to make the right questions to get the most of it. What I do is not for entertainment; I see my work as something entirely Sacred, and I take it very seriously. 579 mais palavras

Spiritual Work

Visual Inspirations: A Collection

In the past few months, I’ve been posting little snippets of inspiration for my readers and social media followers. This post contains the first four, including a new one that was just created today – feel free to get them for personal use, and to share them (and the post itself) as you please!


Connected With Life

Herbalism: Making Omiero

Afro-Latin magical terms that will be used in this post:
Omiero: a magical herbal wash, usually made for cleansing and blessing a space or a person. 1.022 mais palavras


Service Preparations: Cigars

In the pictures, you can see the regular cigar offering for our upcoming Summer Solstice Blessing Service. Cigars are one of the most important staples in our Espiritismo tradition; they are used to clean sacred spaces, to open communication with Spirits, and as a divination tool (as in reading in the shape of ashes, and on how the cigar burns). 191 mais palavras

Connected With Life