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Cousin Fester And His Minions Decorate An Office

As I’ve stated before, not only do I find Cousin Fester’s friends less repulsive than I find him, I also get along with them like a house on fire, especially the Brothers. 944 mais palavras

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Who Am I - and what makes me who I think I am? 

My friend and I were talking about what it means to be Hungarian. Unlike me she was born and raised here, very culturally aware, and definitely one of the people who make me proud to be Hungarian. 467 mais palavras

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A blot that Nehru could've avoided

This is where Panditji invites criticism due to his pusillanimity.

During the 1962 China war, having been denied arms by the then Soviet Union ( whose paeans he had sung for long), Panditji seeks arms from the US and Israel. 183 mais palavras

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Movies With My Mother - James Bond

My mom has always been a huge James Bond fan, but only when Roger Moore played the part. She wouldn’t even hear of the others, with the exception of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, but the real James Bond to her was, is, and will always remain Roger Moore. 395 mais palavras

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Why Can't Hungarians Be Friends (Abroad)

We’re a negative people if ever there was one. It seems that on top of the usual reasons why we complain, we do it to keep evil away. 718 mais palavras

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Ladies and gentlemen! 

Dear Readers,

You can call me Glory unless you have a better one to give me.

This is my second blog on WordPress and I am humbled to have this other one. 72 mais palavras

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Lunch and Dessert Treat (English)

Please note I am not a food expert, these are only friendly recommendations. Always consult first about any food allergies you might have.

This is not a sponsored post. 418 mais palavras