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Elena Gilbert from "The Vampire Diaries"

S Y N O P S I S ;

From THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Elena Gilbert is a human in a world of supernatural beings. Living in Mystic Falls after her parents die in a car accident, Elena’s life changes drastically when she and her friends encounter two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. 2.004 mais palavras


End of the infamous love triangle

First off I have watched this show since the very beginning and as much as I didn’t enjoy the last few seasons I stuck with it because it’s honestly just been a good comfort show for me. 859 mais palavras


Damon x reader

It was Elena’s bday party. You were almost ready to go to Salvatore Boarding House when you heard a knock on the door. 462 mais palavras

Damon Salvatore


Are people of color (POC), really just POD people?

Dr. Warner of The University of Alabama has made a startling discovery about a new industry practice. 285 mais palavras

Bucket list


Damon was startled to see a girl lying in the middle of the road. He has some company he thought. “Hi,” he said…

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Damon Salvatore