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Top 10 TV Characters I Dislike

This is a Top 10 list of characters on TV that I just do (did) not like. I may not have started off disliking them but I ended up hating them, or I just always hated them. 2.801 mais palavras

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Fandom Tuesday: TVD Fan Culture at a Glance

Greeting fans,

It’s time for fandom Tuesday! Today I will be conducting an analysis of the The Vampire Diaries online fandom. I’ve been a casual viewer of the show, but I stopped watching somewhere along season 4 (I know, I really need to catch-up); as such this discussion will only include mild spoilers from the first three seasons. 1.764 mais palavras


I Assigned The Main TVD Cast "Character Albums" Because I'm Trash

Disclaimer: I am watching season 7, but my heart forever belongs to seasons 1-4, so that’s where I’m coming from w/r/t the characters I covered. Also I am not a Music Expert so these are from the somewhat limited repertoire of albums I know Really Well, but they are still 100% accurate and I will defend them to the death. 171 mais palavras


The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle by L.J Smith

So, I previously listened to and wrote about the first book of this series, which is The Awakening (yes, the cover used is for both books combined). 887 mais palavras