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Fan Project ~ Dragon Ball Kai: OVA - Otherworld Tournament

Dragon Ball Kai has a glaring omission, I can’t be the only person fond of the Otherworld Tournament Arc right?

After Z episode 194 where Trunks defeats Cell in his time, but before Gohan goes to high school in episode 200, the anime gave us a 5 episode filler arc of Goku in a fighting tournament in Otherworld. 618 mais palavras

Fan Projects

It All Started with Goku

My first experience with anime started with Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Dragon Ball. These shows were like gateways to another world for me. Unlike cartoons of the time, their story lines were filled with complicated relationships between characters. 273 mais palavras


Opinion: Favorite Dragon Ball Saga

In case you haven’t guessed by now i am a big fan of Dragon Ball and all relevant sagas. Though I have some reservations concerning Dragon Ball GT. 294 mais palavras