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On a Deeper Level I: Devil May Cry

The “Devil May Cry” video game series has long been defined by its seamless, combo-intensive combat system and its iconically “edgy” protagonist Dante. During the late 90’s, Dante typified the very ideals of coolness, serving as a testament to the latter portion of the decade as a whole. 789 mais palavras


Boy Toy 03

Boy Toy
Summary: Trish wakes up to find Dante and Nero in an interesting condition. 1.481 mais palavras

Devil May Cry


Capcom has plenty of AAA properties in their back pocket, just waiting to be thrown on the table and given a second look. Now that… 234 mais palavras


DmC (Devil May Cry): Definitive Edition - 9/10

Since Christmas my backlog of video games has grown massively.  I got copies of Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, DmC, and… 729 mais palavras

Video Games

Top 5 most hated anime series

Aaah, what a better way to start a new year than making a list of the worst, most boring and obnoxiously stupid anime series?

Well, I can name quite a few better things to do, but this it will make it for now. 472 mais palavras


Little Devils For The Holidays

Babysitting rug-rats is a hard thing. People drop off their little devils and expect that by some miracle their children magically behave when they are out of their presence but the little devils remain the same – bursts of wild and untamable energy. 290 mais palavras

The Giving Of Self