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What I've Been Playing Lately

Halo 3 and 4

It’s official: I’ve now completed two Halo games in my life. I played some co-op with a friend a long, long time ago, but just once — and I was terrible. 434 mais palavras


The DmC Feels Train (Overview)

A couple of days ago I started up the most recent Devil May Cry for the first time. I’ve played bits and pieces of the original four but never completely got into them due to multiple reasons and was determined to break that cycle this time around. 960 mais palavras


In Responce: The Making Of... DMC: Devil May Cry (EDGE May 2015)

I read a lot of gaming stuff in mags you really should get and online. A lot of the time I want to reply or comment but with the internet being the internet, I have always seen this as bad idea. 1.187 mais palavras


Bloodborne Review -- Another Soulless Franchise

by Jed Pressgrove

Bloodborne, which would have been called Dark Souls III if it were honest, comes one year after 2014’s Dark Souls II. Usually when a video game sequel gets a follow-up this quickly, you’ll see some critics lament this age of rapid-fire franchises. 882 mais palavras

Video Game Devil May Cry (DMC) Dante Ladies Leather Coat

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March Video Game of the Month -- DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY: DEFINITIVE EDITION

Back in 2013, Ninja Theory would develop the next Devil May Cry game for Capcom. It is a reboot of sorts for the Devil May Cry… 626 mais palavras


The DMC Diaries–Part 5

Another session of playing Devil May Cry! Lets talk about my experiences playing missions 7-9. 1.056 mais palavras

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