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Link to the Cast #87: Devil May Cry

Why aye man it’s time for another installment of a Link to the Cast.

*Dave is deep down the Stardew well.
*Mark has conquered Mr. King Dice. 180 mais palavras

Dave Ryan

Devil May Cry: Realization

Did any of you play Devil May Cry 4 (?). It’s the one where a guy with a magic arm named Nero is the protagonist. Dante is the usual main character (and you will be able to play him later in the game). 199 mais palavras

Question of the month: October 2017 edition

It’s that time again: the question of the month is back and will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since it first mashed buttons playing… 1.213 mais palavras


The Best Jackets In Gaming

I have a lot of really cool, really smart friends in the blogosphere, who often come out with super clever, insightful content into the psychology and philosophy of what games are and what they mean to the people who play them. 836 mais palavras



Name: Dante

Race: Human/Demon Hybrid

Powers: Enhanced strength and speed, combat master, demon powers, and utilization of the devil trigger.

Alignment: Good

Type: Skill

Jack of all Trades… 135 mais palavras


Now Playing - October

If you’re familiar with my blog, it is probably quite obvious to you that I’m not always playing the latest games. To celebrate this, and because I wanted to write a post that’s (only just) shorter than an undergraduate essay, here is a brief look at the games I’m playing in October. 996 mais palavras


XBox Game Pass

XBox Game Pass is most simply described as “Netflix for video games.” For twelve bucks a month, you have unlimited access to over a hundred games on XBox One, and you can play any of them as much as you’d like. 932 mais palavras

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