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DmC:DE- Party In The Palace [Bloody Palace 1st Attempt CMV]

After beating Son of Sparda mode, I felt confident to try out Bloody Palace mode. I’ve added the Turbo modifier to make the gameplay 20% faster, and turned off the countdown timer to allow me to focus on just the combat. 100 mais palavras


Devil May Cry (The Veil #2)

What’s a half-blood to do when her demon has hidden from her thanks to the institute and she’s Muse’s only chance of survival? Muse must play by the institutes rules until they give her back her demon to rescue Stefan from the netherworld. 143 mais palavras


PS3 Review: DmC Devil May Cry

DmC: Devil May Cry is a reboot of the franchise helmed by a new studio, Ninja Theory. The story follows Dante as he’s attacked by a Hunter Demon and is saved by the mysterious psychic, Kat. 371 mais palavras


Review: Furi

Furi is a game about weaving a path between bullets and lasers until you reach one of the many bosses you’ll face, whittling him down until you deal the killing blow and move on to the next boss. 793 mais palavras


Most Memorable Videogames Music

Music makes up a huge part in video games, it gives the game an identity and a flow of what is the genre of the game. 374 mais palavras


Devil May Cry 5 Leaked Before E3 2016

What is it with these online CVs forever giving the game away?

First Fallout 4 got leaked ahead of 2015’s E3, then Sony’s exclusive Spider-Man gamepops up on a stuntman’s resume, now Devil May Cry 5 is listed on Norwegian actor, Nils Hognestad’s CV. 150 mais palavras


Rumor: Devil May Cry 5 leaked by Voice Actor 

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

The cat is out the bag…so it seems. Looks like voice actor Nils Hognestad may have reveal that a new Devil May Cry is in the works! 93 mais palavras