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I first found out about Dendera at an author event at my local Waterstone’s bookshop. I’d gone along with a friend to hear Sayaka Murata speak about her novel… 1.046 mais palavras

Book Review

Silencing the Lamb

Mute means death. It became associated in ancient Egypt with the pig. This is evident from the PIE root for “peace” which is “pag” meaning: silence.

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The Blood Moon in Dendera

Even the Blood Moon event in Revelation 6:12 takes place at the exact location and time on the “zodiac” of Dendera where the sacrifice and Full Moon take place.

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The Beasts of UK

The Jew soul from ancient Egypt is even shouting for attention (in French) on the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom. Both beasts are from the “zodiac” of Dendera with the Unicorn being chained (i.e.

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Serket the Scorpion goddess

However, the scorpion goddess Serket has other plans. She protects the cocooned Pharaoh from the serpent on the “zodiac” of Dendera.

Ibrahim Ibrahim, The Mill of ancient Egypt…

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XP Proceeding into the World

Only when the “zodiac” is cut according to my Winter Solstice’s line would it result in the pig proceeding forth from before Osiris to enter into the material world.

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Alpha and Omega of Dendera

The christogram (chi-rho: ΧΡ) means Christ and so is the staurogram (tau-rho: TP). The Romans plagiarized this concept from ancient Egypt where (as I discovered) it is found on the circular so-called zodiac of Dendera.

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