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Left with no choice.

Don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Real world.

A world where you should feel love made you feel cruelty from disrespectful human beings, unprofessional professionals, who see themselves as the king of the world, the ones who forgot the word “humility”. 261 mais palavras


Things That Can Apparently Make You Bitch

Yeah you heard it right I am talking about Being Bitch.

Though the word is so harsh people won’t stop using it.They define it in some other way. 122 mais palavras

Wading Social Media Landmines

Sometimes I see how people act on social media. How people get criticized and hammered by the popular opinion of others on social media. People have said social media is turning the world into a cold brutal place. 815 mais palavras



To Light Up the Night,
We are Burning Down
The Earth.


Life’s a One Way, Uphill.
Every Wrinkle on your Face
Marks a Step of Maturity.
You go Up not Looking
At the Peak but Dreaming… 10 mais palavras

Trump warns of additional attacks on Syria if necessary

The US president has warned of additional actions in Syria if he deems necessary. Donald Trump gave details of a missile strike on a military airfield in Homs province in a letter to Congress. 89 mais palavras

World At War