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Into The Cosmos of Ourselves

You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean. — Alan Watts

You are enough, because we are many.

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Easter traditions in different countries

Easter is oldest and most important holiday of Christianity. The history of it goes all the way back to 100 century and its yearly holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. 991 mais palavras


Hong Kong’s ‘golden age’ may be over, but mainland Chinese still feel pull of Cantonese culture — South China Morning Post

Read more at the South China Morning Post

— by Kimmy Chung: It is a Friday night and engineer Leslie Lyu, 27, is singing along heartily with a Cantonese pop song playing in a Beijing bar. 83 mais palavras


Springtime in Klirou - 20 April

The beauty of spring, green fields, flowers and flowing streams created a nice setting for the hike of 20 April near Klirou. Compliments to Ian for leading and to Stathis for the photos. 9 mais palavras


Some Place I Used to Know

Today I dream of home and not of London anymore

The Waifs

For the first time in three years I visited London again. This was a homecoming of sorts, because the cosmopolitan sprawl used to be my home, the same way it was home to so many other Australians who feel like being closer to something for a while.

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The Future of Learning... As Seen From the Nineteenth Century!

I came across this woodcut from a nineteenth century French conception of the future classroom of the year 2000.

I found it acutely depressing in its conception for a number of reasons… 161 mais palavras



Notice the question mark in the blog title?

Yes, I wanted to emphasize that I am not making a statement. Rather, I am wondering Parts and Labour’s… 535 mais palavras