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Default Status And Status Reason Values.

Status reason transitions are an optional additional level of filtering to define what the status reason value can be changed to for each status reason. 799 mais palavras

CRM 2015

The type or namespace name “ “ does not exist in the namespace “” (are you missing an assembly reference?) Error in Microsoft Fakes Unit Test Project.


Was getting the below error while building in the Unit Test Project

The Unit Test project was showing the following assemblies as missing

Tried generating the fakes for them but still the issue didn’t resolve. 28 mais palavras


About Sales, Business Development, and Marketing

There are some organizations that have well-developed sales departments, and then there are others that are stronger in marketing. The former boast effective and efficient sales teams that bring in lots of new customers, while the later have effective marketing programs that grow their business steadily over the years by attracting more sales. 1.152 mais palavras


Training Distractions

In the last few weeks I have attended a training course and have also run a few small training courses. I am continually amazed by the capability of people to disengage and just start looking at their mobiles when someone is speaking, and for both the course I undertook and the courses I have given, individuals were also looking at personal items on their PC’s as well as business e-mails instead of listening to the lecturer and following the on screen activities. 437 mais palavras

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Contrib.com ... Timeworthy Contributing

The Contrib.com Network is a Network that reward and pays specialized service professionals for their time experience and

even their expert advice. Contrib.com actually revolutionizes the may marketing professionals can gain new client projects and stay on top of their workflow. 115 mais palavras

Good Business Practises

How to Manage Sales Opportunities/Deals using Apple Watch

You have been using CRM system for a long time. How has the experience been so far? Not great, especially when you are on the road, right? 254 mais palavras

Apple Watch

DIILIJALOSTAMO: Deal-Based Marketing

Näinä aikoina, jolloin muotimantroja ovat B2B-ostajan ylivalta ja aloitteellisuus ostoprosessillaan, moni unohtaa myyntiprosessin kehittämisen tärkeyden. Ostajapersoonien ja ostopolkujen määrittelyn tiimellyksessä unohtuu olennainen fakta: Myynnin pysyvänä tehtävänä on myyntivalmiin liidin saattaminen onnistuneeseen clousaukseen asti. 577 mais palavras