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“Insights for Microsoft Dyanmics CRM Online” Solution for CRM 2016 – Quick Overview.

To configure it –

Go to CRM Admin – Manage your Solutions and Install “Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online”

Once installed it will add a Web Resource to the forms for Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity entity. 126 mais palavras


Connect To dynamics CRM using Organization Service

  1. Create new Asp.NET MVC Project.
  2. Before connection you have to include all the required assemblies in your project as mentioned below,   you can find these assemblies in nuget package or in CRM SDK…
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Date Issue

In MS CRM, we have multiple date time zone setting, each user can set his own time zone as per his requirement.

Thus, Microsoft Dynamics CRM stores all DateTime fields in UTC time, so by using the ‘DateTime.UtcNow’ approach our dates will be converted into UTC time before hitting the database. 238 mais palavras


Consume Web-request from Plugin

Generally, CRM not works alone, it includes many other application, such time we needs to move data from one application to another. In this situation we needs integration; We do integration with either “HttpWebRequest” or “BasicHttpBinding”.  326 mais palavras


CRM Manipulation Library – Custom Workflow Activities for CRM 2016


Recently we used the CRM Manipulation Library for some Days related calculation.


To use it in CRM 2016, we updated the references to use latest SDK assemblies. 83 mais palavras

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