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Bucket List for the Summer

I recently started bullet journaling back in June, and as part of this I made a range of lists of things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, things I wanted to experience and even restaurants and bars I wanted to try – all of which had no particular time limit, it was just nice to see things written down. 792 mais palavras


Take a second.

When a story is just sitting on a flashdrive or in an open document with a blinking cursor, it’s hard to see it as an accomplishment.  240 mais palavras



I love kids. When our daughter was a very young child, I was fascinated by her sense of wonder when she discovered something new or was exploring. 166 mais palavras


Don't Ask Why

All day I meant to go to the garden…but I didn’t…putting it off again and again. You know something is up, when on a beautiful sunny summer day you avoid going outside. 463 mais palavras

Writing for the Stage

Recently I was lucky enough to win tickets to the theatre. So, on Wednesday I went to see the show Cirque Berserk. The show was a lot of fun and I had a great time with friends and family. 547 mais palavras

You as a Godly Being

For our writing prompt, we wrote about what sort of god or goddess you were, so let’s flesh that out visually. Give yourself godly attire and fun mythological attributes. Design  a god or goddess!


Expanding Horizon...

“…According to the old saying, it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. Our quest for discovery fuels our creativity in all fields, not just science. 55 mais palavras