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Are you stuck in this small-business mayhem?

Do you have your own small business?  If so, what was the creation process like for you?

I am slowly laying all pieces of the foundation and the farther I go down this path the more complex and frustrating it becomes.   459 mais palavras

Simplicity: Taken For Granted?

Engineers and scientists will testify with near-unanimity: it is surprisingly simple to create a complex solution, and surprisingly complex to render a simple solution.

Particularly as our systems grow larger, complexity tends to happen all on its own, without any help from us.   520 mais palavras


Floats, ropes and traps.

The beauty of colored floats, sinuous ropes, and lobster traps.

Social Impact Bonds: sweeping the planet since 2010

During the time that Social Impact Bonds have been proliferating in 38 countries around the globe, I’ve been captivated by the other big social innovation of the twenty-teens: … 765 mais palavras

Gain more Self Awareness

This article is based off Psychologist Carl Rogers: Three Cs of Self Concept. 

When you were born, you lacked the ability to distinguish yourself from the world around you. 380 mais palavras


About Our Connected Future, 3: Patterns of Complexity of World Society

  1. One of the necessary big transformations towards the future is the change of view & policies from:
  • to:
  • .

The former approach is still done by corporations and national governments who are panicked by their awareness of loosing grip and facing unsuccessful control of parts of the population that is emancipated enough to think for themselves. 1.087 mais palavras

Silence: The language of Chaos

I am troubled and you must be too

The world is troubled and all its people too.

I look around and its chaos everywhere.

I close my eyes and there is chaos everywhere. 187 mais palavras

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