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The Contingency and Irony of Systems and Cybernetics Thinking:

In today’s post, I am using the ideas of the great American pragmatist philosopher, Richard Rorty. Rorty’s most famous work is Contingency, Irony and Solidarity. … 1.572 mais palavras


Book Roundup: All The Light We Cannot See, Minor Feelings, and Dare to Lead

I spent more time devouring books than articles the past two months. Being mindful of physical distancing and stay-at-home orders has encouraged me to reignite my connection with my reading shelf. 633 mais palavras

Why Questions Like “Do Networks Matter?” Matter to Methodology: How Agent-Based Modelling Makes It Possible to Answer

By Edmund Chattoe-Brown

“Scientists tend not to ask themselves questions until they can see the rudiments of an answer in their minds. Embarrassing questions tend to remain unasked or, if asked, to be asked rudely” -Peter Medawar. 973 mais palavras


COVID Diaries Week 21: Travel Restrictions

We have been dealing well with the pandemic. Physical distancing, minimising social gatherings – all good. We take our community role seriously, and all 4 of us are pretty happy in our own bubble. 158 mais palavras

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On Anomaly Types and Anomaly Detection.

Finding a problem may take days. Knowing what to fix is often not easy.

Anomaly detection, especially their early detection, is a crucial capability when it comes to operating large complex systems, processes or critical infrastructures. 1.007 mais palavras


We are thinking entirely wrong about George Floyd's death

I’ve come to believe, especially after viewing the recently released bodycam footage, that there are shades of complexity to the situation which no one is talking about. 1.529 mais palavras


Alpha and Omega: Infinite Complexity

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for your valued information – Pulitzer Prize winning journalism, hot off the press. For your best attention Mr. President Donald J. Trump sir. 407 mais palavras