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PACKED 4×4′ 2018 

Inspiration “Packed” explores the relationship between an object and the space surrounding an object. Space can be used to describe either the absence of material objects or the location of an object. 144 mais palavras

Unus Mundus Art

There's a Hole in My Life

I woke up one morning to find a hole in my life. 

Couldn’t see it.

Couldn’t stick my hand in it. 

Just this gnawing awareness that something was missing in me. 188 mais palavras

Life Lessons

Delayed End

That imaginary abode being saved from the intruders

Who are they? Their identity may have stirred from surreptitious thoughts

Tranquil pleasure rebuked by those steely gazes  44 mais palavras


The Abyss

Sometimes when I’m trying to get my bearings it helps to borrow a specific structure or image. There’s the Stages of Grief, bequeathed on us for better or ill by… 928 mais palavras

Pages in the story of a city.

There are infinite pages in the story of any city.

Eyes briefly pass over the turning pages.

I lifted my camera to take a few photographs during my morning walk downtown… 38 mais palavras

No Country for Creative Destruction

Imagine a country whose inhabitants reject every unpleasant byproduct of innovation and competition.

This country would be Frédéric Bastiat’s worst nightmare: in order to avoid the slightest maladies expected to emerge from creative destruction, all their advantages would remain unseen forever. 741 mais palavras