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Are we embracing Complexity and Agility too late? #orgdna #globalchat SAT 8.25.18 1-3pGMT

The 21st century has a breakneck feel. It’s increasingly difficult for organizations to stay apace. We try to focus on the work before us, but our attention is continually flooded with every option imaginable. 711 mais palavras


Chirping in Conspiracy Networks Introduction and Motivation

A timely paper by an occasional collaborator of mine, the very excellent Ted Lewis.

Attempts to control the flow of information through a social network by censorship or blocking are unlikely to succeed for a number of reasons: determining what is true and what is fake may be difficult; identification and response to outbreaks of viral information may be economically impossible in a timely manner due to the size of the network and speed of spreading; and censuring may be considered bad for business.


RCH: Imperialism and the Panama Canal

Folks, my latest over at RealClearHistory is up. An excerpt:

The political ramifications for Washington essentially stealing a province from Colombia were huge. The United States had just seized a number of overseas territories from Spain in 1898, and the imperial project was frowned upon by numerous factions for various reasons.

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Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection is a form of Geoengineering, which is being considered because the climate situation is getting desperate, with extremely high temperatures in the Antarctic, and massive bush fires around the world. 688 mais palavras


I went to bed curled up in emotions, tearing through my spiritual armor,

beating my brain to resistance. But still couldn’t resist the images my… 71 mais palavras


The Problem With Culture Wars

Context: More Devoted to Order Than to Justice

I think that a focus on either end of the causal-ontological spectrum is actually a failure of intelligence, understandable as it may be.

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