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" It's Only A 1:72 Model..."

The word to look at in the title is ” only ”  – and I would look at it askance, if I were you…

I’ve noticed that there can be quite some little hierarchy in the scale model building fraternity – based upon a number of factors: 442 mais palavras

A glossary of contemporary management terms V - going forwards.

Going forwards, either used to mean ‘what we’ll do next’, ‘in the future’, or sometimes just as a hollow place holder meaning absolutely nothing at all, is another orientational metaphor which makes embodied sense. 995 mais palavras



This is a simple musing about complexity.

I was wondering again, as all of us do, about the deleterious effects of social media on speech and thought. 310 mais palavras


Learning to live my truth

Today something happened at work.

I was both proud of myself and a little alarmed.

Ok, my heart rate went through the roof.

But a few hours afterward, felt ok about the situation, and how I handled it. 1.860 mais palavras


Complex but organised

My cutlery drawer is not very well organised, but it works fine. That’s because it’s a simple system. Schools and organisations are not. They are highly complex. 101 mais palavras


Ethical Thinking For Challenging Times

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Yet many leaders try to unravel increasingly complex issues using the same thinking process they have always used.  219 mais palavras

Ethical Leader

Experts, savants and complexity.

It has been my experience and observation, not once, but a few times, that someone I have known to have some level of ability in a domain that goes beyond straightforward expertise, when asked honest and interested questions about how some outcome of theirs was achieved, has become unhelpful. 3.258 mais palavras