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The Atlanta Cartel... worst of the bunch

It’s not “coke” that’s getting Mexican killed.  It’s Coke ®

Via Allison Jackson, GlobalPost:

Sugar-sweetened beverages such as Coca-Cola, Gatorade and homemade drinks known as “agua fresca” kill far more people every year in Mexico than criminal gangs. 119 mais palavras

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Coca-Cola Tricks You Need To See To Believe

We were amazed when we watched the crazy things that you can do with a bottle of your regular Coke. Not something you would think of, but totally amazing! 7 mais palavras

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We Have Plenty of Illusions in the World of Choice

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What marks the modern supermarket, especially in the richer western hemisphere, is the presentation of abundance. Every shelf on every aisle is stocked to capacity and constantly restocked with an endless array of goods; tins, jars, and cartons, packets, bags, and loose produce of every imaginable consumable product. 432 mais palavras


Today on the tray: A Bicentennial 4th of July picnic

Thirty-nine years ago, on July 4, 1976, the U.S.A. celebrated the its bicentennial anniversary with great fanfare. In 1975 and ’76, evidence of the impending milestone was ubiquitous. 504 mais palavras

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U.S. 4th of July/20th Anniversary of Relations with Vietnam Celebration

     I waited to mention this, in case plans shifted or I was kicked off the guest list. My boss at the Embassy got me an invite to the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations/4th of July celebration held in Hanoi! 473 mais palavras


Global fast-food chains spice up cola war in India

The world’s top budger chains — Burger King, Fatburger, Johnny Rockets, Carls Jr and Wendy’s — which recently entered the Indian market, are adding fuel to the great cola war in their search for ‘national beverage partners’. 19 mais palavras

Coca-Cola: Opens Hope

I had regular Coca-Cola once. I was five years old. Just diagnosed with diabetes a few months earlier and we were still a little uneasy about daily excursions but this day at the zoo could just not wait. 599 mais palavras