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Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

I hate it when people crush me in this game by using lots of Legendary Cards. I have almost none in my deck and the ones I have are stuck at level 1. 69 mais palavras

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Top 10 Best Tank Cards in Clash Royale

Welcome back to the second part of this series, ranking every type of card in Clash Royale. We already did support cards and now we are ranking the top ten best tank cards in Clash Royale! 1.095 mais palavras

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Clash Royale Flying Machine Gameplay and Challenge

The flying machine is finally here in Clash Royale, with the gameplay and the flying machine challenge being released today! I’m going to show you the gameplay of the new flying machine, as well as give you the statistics of it. 685 mais palavras

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Flying Machine Release Date INCOMING!

The flying machine is just days away from being released in Clash Royale, with a further sneak peek at the flying machine announced today by the Clash Royale team. 210 mais palavras

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QUESTS! More Details for Clash Royale October Update

More details about quests for the Clash Royale October 2017 update have been leaked! Quests are by far the most hyped part of the upcoming Clash Royale update, so these new announcements are of the upmost importance! 185 mais palavras

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Yusef Lateef. Sound. Infuences. Education

Yusef Lateef. Sound. Infuences. Education Lateef’s sound has been claimed to have been a major influence on the saxophonist John Coltrane, whose later period… 12 mais palavras


Top 10 Best Support Cards in Clash Royale

Support cards are so important in Clash Royale, making your deck great if you bring the right cards. Support cards are the ones that are able to support your pushes, stay behind tanks, and play defense well! 1.033 mais palavras

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