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Clan Wars LEAKED in Clash Royale April Update

Clan wars have been leaked to be in the next Clash Royale update! This update should be coming in April and will definitely feature Clash Royale clan wars! 417 mais palavras

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Pre-Wedding Honeymoon Trip

Hello Again!

Yesterday, March 17, C and I went to Austin for the SXSW Gaming Convention. We went because one of the mobile games we play together, Clash Royale,  had a tournament there. 1.249 mais palavras


Barbarian Barrel Statistics and Gameplay

The barbarian barrel has officially been announced in Clash Royale and we know a lot more about it now, including the gameplay and statistics behind the barbarian barrel. 370 mais palavras

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Barbarian Barrel LEAKED in Clash Royale!

The barbarian barrel has been leaked as the next epic card in Clash Royale, which was released back in the October 2017 update many months ago. 240 mais palavras

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PEKKA Dark Prince Deck for Arena 7+ in Clash Royale

This PEKKA dark prince deck has completely taken over the meta in Clash Royale! Being one of the best decks in Clash Royale, you can play this entire PEKKA dark prince deck starting at Arena 7, making it a great deck to move up to legendary arena. 1.478 mais palavras

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Clash Royale League Challenge

It’s time to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Clash Royale pro player. Starting Mar 14-19, face off against millions of players and try to get to  403 mais palavras

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Best Decks to Win the Clash Royale League Challenge

The Clash Royale league challenge is here, bringing a 20 win challenge back to Clash Royale! In order to win this league challenge and advance to the Clash Royale league, you need to best decks to win this challenge. 512 mais palavras

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