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Company Update: Cebu Air, Inc.

We continue our SAM Company Updates and for this issue of our Stocks Update, we will look into Cebu Air, Inc. (CEB).
During the second quarter of this year, Cebu Pac registered a net income of P3.1 billion. 680 mais palavras

Stocks Update

Top Bombshells from the CEB Sales & Marketing Conference - October 2017

In the book The Challenger Sale, Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson inform us that buyers no longer want to talk to Sellers. Six years on from this bomb shell, at CEBs annual Sales & Marketing summit in Vegas Adamson drops another one, we learn that the proportion of time buyers spend meeting with potential suppliers is down to just 17% of the total time spent on key buying activities. 668 mais palavras

The Challenger Sale

StockAlert: Sell Half of CEB

Dear ,
For the last how many days the market has been strong.
Thus, we are taking advantage of this rally to take profits from some of our SAM stocks that we’ve held for some time and has gone up significantly. 201 mais palavras

Stock Alert

Stock Alert: Hold CEB

Dear ,

CEB has recently hit our Target Price of P113 and is continuing to be close
to it.
As of this writing, it’s Market Price is at P110.90. 89 mais palavras

Stock Alert

Cash Dividends in July 2017

Received the following cash dividends in July:

  • SPC: ₱0.40/share, around 8.8%, annually*
  • CEB: ₱2.75/share, around 2.4%, annually
  • SMC2F: ₱1.27635/share, around 1.57%, quarterly
  • SMC2C: ₱1.50/share, around 1.86%, quarterly…
  • 162 mais palavras
Cash Dividends

Reading Through The Bible In a Year

If you’ve always wanted to take time to read through the Bible, or if you’d like to read through the Bible again, I invite you to join me in a daily reading plan that will take you through all of Scripture in a year. 1.101 mais palavras


The Fruit of the Spirit (CEBUANO: Ang Biblia, Pinadayag)

CEBUANO: Ang Biblia, Pinadayag

Galatians (Galacia) 5:22-23

22 Apan ang bunga sa Espiritu mao kini: ang gugma, kalipay, pakigdait, pagkamapailubon, pagkamahinuklogon, pagkaayo, pagkamatinumanon;

23 Pagkaaghup, pagpugong sa kaugalingon. 7 mais palavras