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Pilot Season: Adventure Time vs Steven Universe


This week we take on two Tumblr favs in Steven Universe and Adventure Time. We pit their pilots against each other and crown the true king of pilots of successful Cartoon Network shows. 10 mais palavras


Inktober: Over the Garden Wall

Okay, so remember how I posted that whole thing about being at Comic Con?  I saw these guys EVERYWHERE.

Seriously, I couldn’t walk ten sweaty paces without running into people dressed in large conical hats and overalls.   51 mais palavras


Breaking: Cartoon Network Is Confirming A New Animated Justice League TV-Show

There was an image circulating on the internet that is from the HQ of Warner Bros which suggested that WB and Cartoon Network had a new Justice League cartoon in the works that’s called “JLA” for short. 199 mais palavras


Rick and Morty: Season Finale Review

Alright guys. Hey guys. Look: I know we haven’t reviewed any Rick and Morty, That’s not for lack of desire, it’s for lack of time, alright guys? 638 mais palavras

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Factors That Determine Insurance Rates

New for 2009, the Flex is notable for its square styling, distinctive roof panel, and long-and-low stance. Flex will gain even more distinction in 2010, as it becomes one the first Ford models to receive the company’s new “EcoBoost” engine. 6 mais palavras