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Problemas bucales más comunes en perros

Los perros tienden a sufrir una serie de problemas bucales, puesto que lo tienen expuesto y en contacto con el cualquier medio.

Los odontólogos y… 101 mais palavras

Here is how Abfractions are caused by Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

This may be used as patient education in your web site or as a hand-out.


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“Doctor, I always thought these notches are from brushing too hard.

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Advance Consulting

Beware of Aggressive Dental Treatment

In my 6 years (and running) of practice as a dentist, I’ve come to know a few differing philosophies among my colleagues.

Often a new patient will come to me complaining of treatment at another office. 345 mais palavras

Aggressive Treatment

Fluoride gel reduces tooth decay in children

Tooth decay affects 60% to 90% of children. Levels of tooth decay vary between and within countries, but it is generally true that children in lower socioeconomic groups (measured by income, education and employment) have more tooth decay. 884 mais palavras

Tooth Decay

Little contemporary evidence to evaluate effectiveness of fluoride in the water

Tooth decay is a significant problem worldwide affecting the majority of adults and children. Although levels of tooth decay have been decreasing in some communities (levels vary both between and within countries), generally children from poorer backgrounds (measured by income, education and employment) have greater levels of tooth decay. 1.191 mais palavras

Tooth Decay

La Vitamine D et vos dents


L’exposition au soleil peut-elle être bénéfique pour vos dents ? Oui… peut-être…

Beaucoup de recherches et de débats ont eu lieu sur les effets de la Vitamine D (la vitamine du soleil) et son impact sur la santé buccodentaire. 499 mais palavras


Healthier Teeth - Well.....STRINGS ATTACHED

At the end of every scaling ( cleaning appointment) we usually take out time to talk to the patient about oral hygiene. Ask about their technique – correct it – recommend stuff etc. 418 mais palavras