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NovaMin has been shown in clinical studies to fill microscopic tubules in the teeth, essentially encouraging regrowth of enamel in those areas and preventing hypersensitivity. 471 mais palavras


Making teeth tough: Beavers show way to improve our tooth ename​l

Beavers don’t brush their teeth, and they don’t drink fluoridated water, but a new study reports beavers do have protection against tooth decay built into the chemical structure of their teeth: iron. 11 mais palavras

Dental Research

Dentists in Greenville, SC can Help Prevent Dental Caries in Children

Fluoride has played a major role in the decline of cavities all around the world. While the tooth enamel has a high fluoride concentration in the beginning, it dissolves over time. 81 mais palavras

Helping kids learn the importance of brushing teeth

February is National Children’s Oral Health Month
The Dentistry clinic and Pediatric departments at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) will once again join together to help educate children and their parents about the importance of good oral health and its impact on systemic health.  214 mais palavras


Who ate my cheese? Or why eating cheese may be good for your dental health

One never ever hears of a mouse developing a cavity.  That may be because they either never do in fact get cavities (ie. their teeth are somewhat resistant to decay) or that the NIDH (National Institute of Dental Health) has determined that federal funding for research is better off spent in other areas. 311 mais palavras

The Truth Behind Sugar Free Chewing Gum: Why it's Good for Teeth

Acidic pH in the oral cavity is caused by two main things. The first and perhaps most ostensibly damaging cause is the metabolisation of sugars in the mouth by bacteria in the plaque to produce acid as a by-product which then leads to the formation of lesions and eventually cavities. 442 mais palavras