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Sealants versus fluoride varnish – which is better for preventing decay in children’s teeth?

Although children and adolescents have healthier teeth today than in the past, tooth decay is still a problem among some individuals and populations, and it affects a large number of people around the world. 667 mais palavras

Tooth Decay

Preformed crowns for managing decayed primary molar teeth

To stop further damage and restore function of primary molar teeth that are decayed or malformed, a dentist will usually use a filling (a soft material that is placed in the cavity and hardened) to restore the tooth to its original shape. 1.057 mais palavras

Tooth Decay

The Black Filling & Everything To Know About!

The black filling was first introduced in United States in the 1830s where it has been the primary restorative material for more than 150 years. It has also been the subject of intense research and has been found to be safe, beneficial, and cost-effective. 1.374 mais palavras


X-rays, flying and Colorado

“I don’t want my child to have any x-rays!”

“I think my child is getting too many x-rays and I’m worried about radiation”

These are just a few of the comments that we hear on a daily basis at our office. 529 mais palavras

8 Astuces pour manger sucré plus intelligemment

Le sucre serait le méchant si l’hygiène dentaire était une bande dessinée, mais il ne serait pas seul dans son combat pour la déminéralisation des dents, les féculents (glucides) seraient ses complices. 489 mais palavras


An evidence-based approach for minimizing tooth decay risk

I’d like to keep my teeth healthy for as long as possible. I brush my teeth in the morning and at night, and floss every night, because daily flossing is associated with reduced mortality risk ( 815 mais palavras


Asymptomatic Wisdom Teeth, any facts to back our decision?

Here is a review/opinion article from two very well known authors on this topic: Ray White (who wrote the white paper) and Profitt (author of the popular Orthodontic text) from Chapel Hill in NC, USA… 154 mais palavras

Third Molar