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Stat!: The Way to Decay

  • Percent of Americans who don’t brush their teeth twice a day, as recommended: 40
  • Percent who, when they do brush, brush less than the recommended 2 minutes: 50+
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Not enough evidence to recommend chlorhexidine treatment to reduce tooth decay in children

Tooth decay is a very common disease that over time destroys the tooth surface. It has been estimated to affect up to 80% of people in high-income countries and, despite being preventable through oral hygiene and dietary measures and the use of agents such as fluoride that reduce risk of decay, it is likely to remain a problem, especially in low-income countries. 526 mais palavras

Tooth Decay

Xylitol: "Not the Silver Bullet"

Over the past several years, we’ve heard more and more about xylitol as a means of preventing cavities. Does it work? As our regular readers know, the evidence has seemed mixed at best. 215 mais palavras

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Aunque sea de noche

Las mujeres de ojos grandes conocen su destino. Van siempre conjuntadas y les sale a devolver en la declaración de Hacienda. No se las ve apesadumbradas. 139 mais palavras

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Xylitol in toothpaste may prevent tooth decay, but there is no evidence that xylitol in sweets and chewing gum has an effect

Tooth decay is a common disease affecting up to 90% of children and most adults worldwide. It impacts on quality of life and can be the reason for thousands of children needing dental treatment under general anaesthetic in hospital. 568 mais palavras

Tooth Decay

What exactly is a Root Canal Treatment?

Think of five words associated with dental health!! My guess is these are the five terms you were able to think of

  1. Bad breath
  2. Caries…
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Whatever Sugar Wants...

When it comes to preventing tooth decay, conventional dentistry typically offers just a couple “solutions” beyond standard oral hygiene: sealants and fluoride. Of course, neither of these addresses the major cause of caries (cavities). 377 mais palavras

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