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Our Guide to Halloween

Blog Highlights Caries or cavities are often caused by long exposure to sugary or sour substances Monitor how much candy you and your family consume Remind your children to brush their teeth twice a day Halloween: a favorite holiday among children; a dentist s worst nightmare. 20 mais palavras

How to read DENTAL X-RAYS ?

Most of the time when you are  going to the dentist, they  take xrays, they do your dental cleaning and finally the Dental exam or also knows as check up. 231 mais palavras

Cosmetic Dentistry

Take Care of Your Teeth

Today, August 23rd, I was at the dentist and yikes, the bill wasn’t nice. 318 mais palavras

Personal Updates


Tooth or bone decay. Latin “caries”=decay.


Children who have sealants applied to their back teeth are less likely to have tooth decay

Although children and adolescents have healthier teeth than in the past, tooth decay (also known as caries) is a problem in some people and places. Most tooth decay in young people occurs on the biting surfaces of back teeth. 717 mais palavras

Tooth Decay

The Dental Deficiency

Discussing the issues which compromise oral healthcare for a person who is homeless

Homelessness is a serious but regretfully tangible situation which is present around the world. 714 mais palavras