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Trapped in front of the Mona Lisa

Today is Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday, 564 years ago. And pictured above, of course, is his very famous Mona Lisa. He worked on this painting for the last 15 years of his life. 300 mais palavras


a flush of enlightment

“Knowledge is the excrement of experience.”

-Austin Osman Spare

3 Things about Luis Buñuel's TRISTANA


1. “Even if you have nightmares, it’s good to dream. The dead don’t dream.” He stares at her cleavage. As he stands up from the chair, he closes the front of her nightgown and bids her goodnight. 6 mais palavras

Hugh Salzmann

Few things had given me pleasure more pleasurable than to watch all my mercies and all my crimes be in passing or be plowed away. The singularity of my pettiness, the careful slip-off tools of my trade, amused me as much as were I had been both Sultan and Scheherazade. 396 mais palavras


593. Belle de jour

Right from the get-go in Luis Buñuel’s BELLE DE JOUR, the viewer is dropped into the nebulous space between reality, fantasy, love, and desire, and then kept there for the remainder of the film. 197 mais palavras


The Auteur Theory In Hispanic Cinema

Information about Auteur Theory

  1. Directors: Star status, directors looking for large studios are often limited by constraints such as budget. However they can use editing to overcome this dilemma, which in turn can lead to the development of an individual style.
  2. 618 mais palavras