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10 Quotes by Luis Bunuel that will make you laugh, if nothing else

Here are 10 quotes from the eccentric filmmaker on his birthday. Shamelessly original, opinionated, and unique, whether you are a fan or not you cannot deny his creativity and determination to create something new and weird. 395 mais palavras

Life Advice

Politics of a Surrealist

Luis Bunuel’s first film An Andalausian Dog, co-directed by Salvador Dali, attacked the social and conventional taste of the bourgeoisie in an extreme manner.  Bunuel called cinema “a desperate and passionate appeal to murder.” An Andalusian Dog had some severe scenes and sequences which validated this notion of his. 547 mais palavras


The Young Pope EPISODE 1 (2017) Drunkview - Alright, Fine.

Editor’s Note: This is the first (and likely only) installment of Drunkview, an unsanctioned and unwarranted GBT series during which I, David, will pound back a few glasses of whiskey & soda before watching a new bit of film and/or television that I deem to be “preposterous.” For this first installment, we present: HBO’s The Young Pope (Episode 1).

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Archaeology Corner: Prisoners of Bunuel

Tierra Sin Pan (Land Without Bread) is a documentary made by Luis Bunuel in Extremadura in 1932, during Spain’s Second Republic. This was, I need hardly tell you, a time of huge social progress and equally violent unrest. 1.102 mais palavras


Viridiana (1961)

Luis Bunuel is inarguably the father of surrealistic cinema. He created fantastical universes while addressing extremely controversial topics in a very tongue-and-cheek manner. One example is the act of prostitution in the 1967 classic “Belle de Jour”. 319 mais palavras



“Do not waste your time on social questions. The problem with the poor is Poverty, the problem with the rich is uselessness…”
– George Bernard Shaw… 567 mais palavras