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Week 13 - The food I brought back from Rio - Recipe of the Brigadeiro

The Brigadeiro is a common Brazilian delicacy made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate or nuts sprinkles to cover the outside layer. 211 mais palavras



I had a friend come over last night for a sleepover. We made dinner, watched a movie and just hung out.


Vegan coconut creamy sweet

This is a vegan creamy version of the traditional Brazilian sweet “beijinho”, a coconut and condensed milk truffle-like candy served in birthday parties, but in this recipe it is meant to be eaten with a spoon. 137 mais palavras


Beijinho vegano de colher

Rápido, fácil, cremoso e cheio de coco!

Pode-se substituir o coco ralado por chocolate em pó para fazer brigadeiro, ou endurecer um pouco mais a receita para fazer docinhos para enrolar. 138 mais palavras



brigadeiro is usually eaten cold but he stirred it up to warm us

and we ate it hot with a spoon in between laughs and sips of cheap red wine… 129 mais palavras

Please don’t skip this page thinking “oh, just another food blog”. Trust me, it is not, for the three recipes I am about to share are foolproof and there is no way you can go wrong with them (provided you follow exactly what I say ;) ). 830 mais palavras

Brigadeiro, a Brazilian Sweet: Valentine's Version

Hi everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I know it’s a Tuesday, but I decided to share this Brigadeiro recipe today on actual Valentine’s Day rather than tomorrow, so those who still have to prepare a last minute vday treat, can do so with ease! 946 mais palavras