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The CHA Designer Section Trends Committee Report

By Linda Swingle
CHA Trends Committee Lead

The CHA Designer Section Trends Report provides a close-up and intricate perspective of current trends in arts and crafts. 336 mais palavras


Bold Prediction About Blogging

Blogging will be around when Twitter and Facebook fade into memory, at least I hope so. Some folks have said blogging is dead or passe but I think its future is still very bright. 24 mais palavras

Tony's Posts

On Money: Keeping Card in My Wallet

I know its only day three of me watching what I spend but I feel I have made considerable discoveries with my spending habits.

As I mentioned before I spend a lot of money on things I don’t need or already have at home, like coffee and food for lunch. 296 mais palavras

Black Women

'Regents Park 10k Review - July 26th 2015.

My original plan for Sunday 26th July was to take part in the X-Border 10k from Gretna to Carlisle.

Since deciding upon this something had been niggling in the back of my mind about this date which had stopped me from signing up to the run. 1.490 mais palavras


Late to the office,

my Yulupa coffee base.  This morning, one of delays, coupled with waking late.  So my mood is volatile.  And I bite into the sausage and egg sandwich and then I’m calmed, eased in the… 501 mais palavras


The Funshion Mistress

One of my favourite fashion bloggers Maureen Bandari known as The Funshion Mistress. I love her great way of wearing grey but also adding a pop of colour as an outfit for the office.

 Visit The Funshion Mistress


Where eagles dare

Zibska – Claudia Jewelry – @ The Secret Affair

Zibska – Killian Mask, Collar and Headpiece – @ The End

The End is a quarterly, post apocalyptic themed sales event.   41 mais palavras