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Basic Autocad Commands

Autocad plays an important role in this industry.Every drawing, be it architectural or structural are made on Autocad in this industry. There are draughtsmen who are dedicated day and night to make this happen. 433 mais palavras


Bitten by the bug!!!!

Up and on it early this morning….I can’t seem to leave these Auto cad exercises alone!!! I am thoroughly enjoying getting to grips with this software. 63 mais palavras


AutoCAD Basics: Display Lineweight on Screen

You may wish to display the lineweight thicknesses in your model space within AutoCAD, or you may wish to turn off lineweight thickness in AutoCAD. 49 mais palavras


nanoCAD 5.0 – The newest powerful CAD software

Nanosoft launched nanoCAD 5.0. It is a free, fully operative CAD software. After making registration and activating the software, the users can obtain a one-year renewable license and utilize the software for any purpose. 244 mais palavras

Autodesk Revit

Electro-Mechanical Workflows can be easy!

In traditional engineering design processes, electrical and mechanical design workflows have often been separate from each other. This has mainly been down to the tool sets used to create these designs. 67 mais palavras



Ollessani työharjoittelussa HKL:n metrovarikolla keväällä 2014 tehtäväni oli digitoida metrojunan ovien toimintaan liittyvä merkinantotaulun kytkentäpiirrustus. Pohjana käytin vanhaa piirrustusta ja käytössä ollutta paperiversiota. Lisäksi keskustelin asentajien kanssa ja tein tarvittavat muutokset, että valmis kuva palvelisi heitä työssä mahdollisimman hyvin. 11 mais palavras