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You Would Be Nervous Too

Fifty feet ahead an immature bald eagle rises from the creek, a twelve–inch-long fish dangling from its talon. The fish drops as the bird wings skyward. 239 mais palavras


Sun Dog and Blue Berries

Someone has Hoovered up the blue berries that ripened along this trail. While Aki snuffles along the trail boards, I manage to find one bush of red huckleberries highlighted by evening sun. 114 mais palavras


Back to the Pass

Sorry Aki. There is no room on the boat, even for a little poodle-mix. Aki took it well, didn’t even get up from the bed to say goodbye. 58 mais palavras


Cursing Crows and Gulls

Reunited after a week’s absence, Aki and I patrol the Outer Point Trail. The little dog slips back into her role as monitor of the smells. 260 mais palavras


irodori's vocalist takeru and guitarist kou will depart

irodori’s vocalist takeru and guitarist kou will depart on October 13th. Kou says that I year that seemed long at first has past by in the blink of an eye. 74 mais palavras


Putting Up Fish

It wasn’t supposed to be sunny today, but it is. I’m on my friend’s boat heading toward the Auk Bay fuel dock. Aki is home, hopefully stretched out on a sun-warmed section of the floor. 182 mais palavras


Badge of Honor

This is a first, I think as a bald eagle’s scat plops onto the car’s windshield. My hat has been touched in such a way by crows and gulls, but no eagle has before decorated my person or property with its elimination. 111 mais palavras