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Tale of Two Beaches

The trail is icy and I’ve left my grippers in the car. Aki is in hog heaven thanks to all the other dogs around. We can hear some of them barking on the first beach we will visit. 151 mais palavras


Thinking About a Wolf We Knew

Snow falls on the little dog and I from a blue sky. The flakes glitter from sunlight reaching them through the old growth forest. It’s really last night’s frost being blown out of the canopy by a rising wind. 300 mais palavras


Where, How Why And The Return Of Des-C, The Interview

Des-C, the man was rocking clubs all over the UK and even India, a great stage presence, a talented performer, with a unique voice that worked. 555 mais palavras


Wisdom of Age

Without snowshoes I’d soon wear myself out walking over this field of new snow. Even with them it is a job reaching a place that offers a nice view of the glacier reflected in a partially frozen eddy. 219 mais palavras


Unkindness of Ravens

Aki growls her way down our home street. I look around and can find no dog close enough to hear her trash talk. Then a furry black blur tears past us, gives Aki a ferocious snarl and ducks down a set of stairs. 136 mais palavras


Mendenhall River Wetlands

Aki slips on the icy trail that hugs an oxbow curve of the Mendenhall River. The little dog barely notices her misstep. She is too interested in the scents left behind on this heavy-use dog-walking trail. 253 mais palavras


A Little Quiet Time

Aki shows more enthusiasm for this adventure than I feel as we leave the trailhead. Snow is turning to rain as the little dog and I head into the Treadwell woods. 303 mais palavras