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129: Hard-Knock Life

Stress, Diet, and Death in Akhet-Aten.

By 1349 BCE (regnal year 14), Akhenaten’s new city had grown rapidly. Twenty to thirty thousand people now called the city home, and these people (adults and children) laboured in service to the King. 390 mais palavras

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Interview: Prof. Aidan Dodson

Royal Tombs, Amarna, and Egyptology in 2020.

My guest today is Professor Aidan Dodson. To those interested in ancient Egypt, Prof. Dodson needs no introduction. He is the Honorary Professor of Egyptology at the… 225 mais palavras

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128: True Crime KV55

DNA, CSI… etc.

The Confounding Coffin. In this episode, we visit a historical crime scene: the mysterious sepulchre of KV55. Discovered in 1907, this grave is easily the most debated, analysed and controversial find in all Egyptology… … 549 mais palavras

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127: Meket-Aten and Smenkh-Ka-Re

Two Funerals and a Wedding, Part 2.

In 1350 BCE the royal house was in crisis. Tiye was dead, and soon after, one of pharaoh’s daughters also traveled to the West. 484 mais palavras

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126: The Death of Tiye

Two Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1.

Two Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1. Around year 12 of Akhenaten, the Queen Mother Tiye died. She journeyed to the West at the age of 60, having been a powerful influence for more than fifty years. 562 mais palavras

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125: House of Meritaten

A Princess of Egypt.

In 1351 BCE, princess Meritaten was approximately ten years old. The king’s eldest daughter, Meritaten was the foremost child of the royal family, front and centre of art and propaganda. 405 mais palavras

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Update on Evolution Through Art


Celebrating a little bit tonight, lol, with a cup of coffee. I finished Part One of my inaugural attempt at a book. Already been copy edited, thumps up. 350 mais palavras