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Imposter's syndrome and Graduate School applications.

Something that many students of color deal with when they begin higher education is imposters syndrome, this concept is defined as “individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’.” When I first started school at UCLA the imposter’s syndrome was REAL. 661 mais palavras


Modern University or New University?

As I am outside the prison walls on another visit I look at the high walls that keep people inside incarcerated.  This is an institution designed to keep people in and it is obvious from the outside.   539 mais palavras


Peer review is a hit and miss proposition. Sometimes whoever reviews the work is clearly unsuitable. Other times the reviewer’s suggestions would have you write a totally new paper. 51 mais palavras


Criminal justice and surveillance: WHY my sudden interest in #AR? #criminaljustice #sensorycriminology #sensoryacademia

Criminal justice operates as it does, still with so many medieval cruelties, because those who administer it never do feel it. It’s easy to institutionalise pain – whether physical or mental – when you don’t have to suffer the effects of the tools and means you use to control others. 284 mais palavras

Thought Experiments

Upcoming Event: Heat, Greed and Human Need, #Manchester 31st January

A seminar coming up – free to attend, no need to book.

Fwiw, I’m most of the way through the book, and it’s good (though more for an academic than popular audience).

Upcoming Events

Black Motherhood in Academe

“If we had known you were pregnant, we might not have let you into this program — and we would have made a mistake.”

“This is your first child? 1.167 mais palavras

Health And Self-Care

Automotive Repair & Other Inanities

Coffee or gin?? 

This is a real question at 7:53 p.m., at which point the answer kind of depends on what I’m trying to do with the rest of the evening. 1.246 mais palavras

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