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A Personal Perspective on Science; the AAAS President’s Address at the 2017 AAAS Meeting

As an introduction to this session, Dr. Geraldine Richmond (Presidential Chair in Science and Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon) first spoke of the AAAS meeting as being an interdisciplinary meeting, and of global nature. 1.392 mais palavras

Politics & Government

Anecdote: Gog on the Plane

During my previous flight to Europe, a friendly neighbour on the plane struck up a conversation with me. We exchanged some polite chitchat, then she asked me: “So what are you doing in South Africa?” 514 mais palavras


Legal Education and Bias: An Historiographical Perspective

In this post I’d like to discuss lecturers sharing or being influenced by their political views.  This is a complaint I’ve heard quite a bit, particularly within the context of my legal studies, that one lecturer or another is biased and they should be neutral in their teaching.  1.470 mais palavras


Reflection Series – Part 2: Harnessing Properties

One of my favorite features in reflection is the ability to know about the properties of a certain instance at runtime. This has helped a lot in making tools to aid game development. 783 mais palavras


The Great(ly Misinterpreted) Gatsby

In 2013, director Baz Luhrmann released his five-year long project – an adaptation of the classic American novella, The Great Gatsby – to a regrettably anticipative audience of fans, critics, and casual cinemagoers. 886 mais palavras


So, who has the most FPGA papers?

DBLP is an online database of academic publications in computer science and related fields. Handily, it provides a Java API for accessing the data programmatically. In this blog post, I share a few fun facts I discovered today while using this API to explore the data that DBLP holds about the FPGA conference series. 216 mais palavras


‘Penal Populism’, Democracy and the Controversies of Extending Public Involvement in Decision-Making and Extending the Influence of the Public in Criminal Justice Policy-Making

Extending public involvement in decision-making and responding to public opinion in criminal justice policy-making is an inherently complex task riddled with controversies. Critics of extending public involvement and responding to public opinion in policymaking tend to highlight how the public are regularly misinformed and prone to misperception; this in turn can lead to the exploitation of a misinformed public through the mechanism of penal populism (Bennett, 2014). 2.887 mais palavras